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BH Telekom - Telekom Slovenia’s Strategic Partner?

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Telekom Slovenia’s potential strategic partner is Bosnia-Herzegovina’s mobile and fixed telephony operator, BH Telekom.

Games of Chance Pull In Large Profits

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Games of chance have in the past two years generated an income of EUR 110mn.

Global Infrastructure Dying

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The infrastructure in the world metropolises needs to be boosted with investments of some US$ 40,000bn in the coming period, just to be able to meet citizens’ growing needs.

Libya Opens Up For Business

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Business Week reports that the Arab country is opening up, after spending a long time off limits to the U.S. oil companies.

Imlek Looks to Invest EUR 23mn

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AD Imlek, the largest dairy industry company in Serbia, is set to invest around EUR 23mn by the end of 2007, the dairy’s general director Petros Gemintiz has said.

Container Train on Belgrade-Bar Line Set to Start

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The first container train, linking Serbia and the Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, on the Belgrade-Bar railway line will start from Bar at 14:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 27.

Concession Deal Harmonized

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Economy Minister Predrag Bubalo said Thursday the contract on the Horgos-Pozega highway construction concession had been harmonized with FCC, and was set to be signed soon.

Ina Posts Primary Sector Losses

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Croatia’s Ina Grupa has increased sales revenues by 11 percent last year, to reach record EUR 3.3bn.

China Biggest Source of Exports to EU

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China displaced the U.S. as the largest source of European Union imports last year, official figures showed on Thursday.

Nike Profit Reaches US$ 350mn

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Nike has recorded a profit of US$ 350mn in the third fiscal trimester that ended on February 28, 2007.

Mittal Interested in Serbian Coalmines

16:08 16:53 | broj komentara 0

Lakshmi Mittal is reported to have shown serious interest in acquiring eight Serbian underground exploitation coal mines.

Government Adopts Action Plan for Tobacco Products

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The Serbian government has adopted the Action Plan to implement CEFTA in the tobacco production and trading sector, setting import and export customs duty at equal levels, Economy Minister Predrag Bubalo has said.

Miskovic and Radoncic in Joint Venture

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Serbia’s Delta Holding director Miroslav Miscevic and Bosnia’s Avaz owner Fahrudin Radoncic have agreed to establish a joint company headquartered in Sarajevo, Delta said in a statement.

Hyundai Invests EUR 13mn

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The largest automobile industry investment in Serbia to date will see Hyundai build a center worth EUR 13mn on land sized 6,600 sq meters.

Volvo and Land Rover Return to Serbia

13:13 16:53 | broj komentara 0

The 45th Belgrade International Motor Show has seen the return of Volvo Cars and Land Rover to the Serbian market.

Sabac-Based Company Buys Macedonian Alkaloid

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Zorka Kolor, a company based in the western Serbian town of Sabac, will by the end of 2007 own 100 percent of Macedonia’s Alkaloid stock.

Lactalis Acquires Dukat for EUR 272

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Luka Rajic has sold 2.7 million shares of the Croatian dairy Dukat to the French Lactalis Group for EUR 101.84 per share.

UniCredit Profit at EUR 5.45bn

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Italy’s banking group UniCredit has posted a 61 percent rise in net profits for 2006, reaching EUR 5.45bn.

Shell Pulls Out of Romanian Market

16:12 20:19 | broj komentara 0

The global oil, gas and petrochemical Shell Group has sold its Shell – Gas Romania branch to French Rubis.

Soravia Does Not Give Up on Hotel?

13:43 20:19 | broj komentara 0

Austria’s Soravia Gruppe will not relinquish its efforts to buy the former Federal MUP building in downtown Belgrade although the Republic Property Directorate has notified the company it would start negotiations with the second-placed bidder.

Pan-European Pipeline Statement Signing Scheduled for April 3

13:44 20:19 | broj komentara 0

Serbian, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian and Italian energy ministers will on April 3 in Zagreb sign a Ministerial Statement on the implementation of a project to build the Constanza-Trieste pipeline.

Kras Officials: There Were No Threats

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Belgrade radio-televison B92 has learned that contrary to claims from yesterday’s Delta statement, no one threatened members of Slovenia’s Kras managing board over their involvement in talks with the Serbian company.

Croatian Investments in Serbia

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Croatia has invested more than EUR 280mnn in Serbia in the past several years. However, Serbian companies still fail to register as investors in Croatia.

Delta M Opens Regional Retail Stores

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Delta M Group is set to open its first retail stores in Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria by the end of this year, the company’s representative Milos Ristic has said.

Montenegrin Stock Exchange Reports Records

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Montenegrin stock market reported trading worth EUR 7.2mn yesterday, with several new price records.

Montenegro Ratifies CEFTA

15:23 20:19 | broj komentara 0

The Montenegrin Parliament has ratified the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

Croatian Stock Market Merger Fails to Solve Liquidity Problem

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During the first working day after the merger of the Zagreb and Varazdin stock exchanges, the Croatian stock market recorded customary level of share trading.

Undisputed Gorenje

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While Slovenian manufacturers and products remain highly recognizable in Serbia, albeit too expensive for a quarter of the population, Slovenians find it hard to name at least one Serbian brand or product, while those who do express doubt as to its qualit

Lindt Profit at EUR 130mn

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Swiss chocolate maker Lindt saw a 21 percent growth in profits last year, to reach approximately EUR 130mn.

Russia: Record Arms Exports

16:13 16:15 | broj komentara 0

Russia sold arms worth a record US$ 6.5bn in 2006, 20 percent over the projected figure.


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