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London’s Heathrow Airport – World’s Most Expensive Business Premise

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With EUR 21 per square meter in rentals price, London’s Heathrow airport was the most expensive business location in the world in 2006, U.S. consultancy Cushman & Wycliffe Hailey & Baker research has shown.

Intel Builds Chip Plant in China

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World’s leading chipmaker, Intel Corporation, has been granted agreement to build a plant worth US$ 2.5bn in China, the Chinese government said in a statement.

Credit Agricole’s Fourth-Quarter Profit Higher

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Credit Agricole, France's second-largest bank, reported a 9.8 percent gain in fourth-quarter profit of 2006.

Miskovic at 891st Place on Forbes' List

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The following are the excerpts from the latest Forbes.com list of the world's richest people which includes a Serbian businessman Miroslav Miskovic.

Romanian Petrom Increases Profits

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Romanian oil company Petrom has in 2006 increased its net profits by 61 percent, to reach EUR 647mn. Sales figures went up 22 percent on the annual level, and are now at EUR 3.71bn.

Cyprus Fund in Bid to Buy Putnik

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Nicosia-based investment fund Aciona has revealed plans to buy 82.4 percent of Belgrade’s Putnik company shares.

Telekom Srpske Awaits Agreement

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Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Competition Council is expected to issue agreement for the sale of Telekom Srpske by the end of this month.

Belgrade Siemens Regional Center

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Energy, infrastructure and industry are the three sectors Siemens plans to focus on in int operations in Serbia in the coming years, in order to support the country’s industry undergoing modernization and automatization.

International Brand and Nautical Fairs

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Belgrade Fair is hosting the International Brand Fair, gathering the global, regional and domestic brands, while the International Nautical Fair which opened on Thursday and will last four days.

Delta Enters Croatian Meat Industry

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The Belgrade-based Delta Holding company is close to signing an acquisition contract over a Croatian meat processing plant.

Serbia’s Highest Liquidity Companies List in Vienna Stock Exchange

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Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) director Gordana Dostanic and Vienna Stock Exchange president Michael Buhl signed a cooperation agreement on creation and use of share value monitoring index for eight of Serbia’s companies with the highest market liquidity r

Nexe Group Plans Investment in Cement Production

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The Croatian Nexe group plans to in crease its investment in cement production in the coming period, including the construction of a cement plant.

Banjaluka Stock Exchange Growth

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The Banjaluka Stock Exchange’s market capitalization has passed the EUR 5.1bn mark, the institution’s director Milan Bozic has said.

Citigroup to Buy Nikko

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Citigroup has submitted an offer worth US$ 10.8bn to buy the Japanese brokerage Nikko Cordial securities, which could become the conglomerate’s major move in the Asian market.

Belgrade Needs EUR 6-8bn in Investment

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Belgrade has economically sprung to life in the past six and a half years, changing the economic structure and environment, but the projects planned for the next seven to ten years would need between EUR 6 and 8mn in investments, Belgrade Mayor Nenad Bodg

RTB Bor Sale Scrutinized?

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The eastern Serbian Bor municipality president Branislav Rakic said he would ask the Serbian government to look into the RTB Bor sale to Romanian Cuprom, since it was conducted “under suspicious circumstances.”

Hard Currency Reserves at EUR 9.3bn

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Serbia’s total hard currency reserves have reached EUR 9.29bn, a statement from the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) said.

Mobilkom Sues Kosovo’s TRA

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Austria’s Mobilkom has filed a lawsuit against the Kosovo Telecommunications Agency (TRA), Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS) web site reported.

Djukanovic Reports Property

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Montenegro’s Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) leader Milo Djukanovic has not increased his property in the past year.

Slovenian Telekom Enters Kosovo

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Telekom Slovenija, along with Ipko Net, has officially become the second mobile telephony operator in Kosovo.

Slovakian Salaries Reach EUR 600

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Average net salaries in Slovakia for the first time crossed the EUR 600 mark.

Serbia Holds Talks with IMF

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An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission will be in Serbia from March 7 to March 15 for technical talks with Serbian officials.

Drakulic To Complain Over RTB Bor Sale

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East Point co-owner Zoran Drakulic has announced his company, which came in second in the tender to sell the eastern Serbia-based Mining and Smelting Basin (RTB) Bor, would file a complaint over the decision to sell the company to Romanian Cuprom.

EUR 114mn in Slovenian Funds

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Out of all the funds trading in the Balkans, the Slovenian have had the highest investment.

Greenspan: Chance of Recession in U.S. 33 %

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Former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan downplayed his earlier predictions to 33 percent of the chances that the world largest economy would slip into a recession this year, Bloomberg reported.

Slovenian Privatization Too Slow

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The privatization of state-owned shares in Slovenian companies remains slow despite Prime Minister Janez Jansa's plan of withdrawing the state from the economy, while para-state funds, the Capital Corporation (KAD) and the Slovene Compensation Corporation

Who Laundered Money in Cyprus?

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The authorities in Serbia will launch an investigation into who, if anyone, laundered money via Cyprus in 2004 and 2005.

Madame Tussauds Sold for GBP 1 bn

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Merlin Entertainments bought the company that owns the world famous wax museum Madame Tussauds for GBP 1 bn.

Global Stock Anxious

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After last week's correction shocked the biggest global stock markets, stock traders are in for another anxiety-packed week.

Conference on Real Estate Market in South East Europe

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The second annual conference titled "Real Estate Market in South East Europe - Comparative Advantages in the Region and Future Trends" organized by the Ekonomist Media Group started in Belgrade on Tuesday.


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