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Ipko Net – Kosovo’s New Operator

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Kosovo’s Telecommunications Agency has issued the second mobile telephony license in the UN-administered southern Serbian province to Ipko Net and Telekom Slovenia.

Jat Airways 2006 Posts EUR 4mn in Profits

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The Serbian flag carrier Jat Airways has in 2006 made a profit of approximately EUR 4mn, company sources have said unofficially.

Air France Links City with Europe

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Air France-KLM plans to introduce flights between London City Airports and leading European financial centres.

Belgrade’s First Casino in June

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Casinos Austria International will open its casino in Belgrade by the end of June, at the Hotel Jugosalvija, investing EUR 60mn.

France Jeopardizes German Economic Leadership

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France could in two to three decades take Germany’s place as Europe’s most powerful economy, the German Economic Institute has announced.

Gaming Expo Opens

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The first international fair of games of chance equipment and machinery, Gaming Expo, opened today, will host 60 exhibitors from 21 countries.

Analysts Overestimated Vista?

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Microsoft shares fell because analysts set the new operating system Vista’s estimated sales range too high.

Carmaker Giant in Heart of Europe

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By 2012, Slovakia will manufacture 840.713 passenger vehicles annually, a higher per capita number than any other country in the world.

Delta Establishes Investment Fund

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The Securities Commission has issued Belgrade’s Delta Company a license to establish Serbia’s first investment fund, Delta Plus.

Serbia-Montenegro Trade Exchange

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Serbia and Montenegro have exchanged EUR 608mn worth of goods in 2006, with Serbia exporting products worth EUR 489mn, at the same time importing Montenegrin goods valued at EUR 119mn.

Serbian Companies in Kosovo

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A branch of the Serbian Business Registers Agency opened in the northern Kosovo province’s town of Kosovska Mitrovica, mostly populated by local Serbs, the first time any state institution entered Kosovo after it fell under the UN rule in 1999.

Loans for Shares

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Bosnian banks are introducing loans for the purchase of shares due to the Banjaluka Stock Exchange’s rising popularity and participation in the capital market.

Philip Morris Concerned over CEFTA

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The U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Polt says Philip Morris is concerned over the changes in the business conditions induced by the CEFTA agreement.

Fifth Space Tourist

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One of Microsoft co-founders, U.S. millionaire of Hungarian descent Charles Simoni, is set to become the fifth tourist to take it to the outer space.

Regional Stock Exchanges

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The past week was the first since the start of the year that saw a fall in the value of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) index, Belex15.

Deripaska Ahead of Abramovich

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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has lost his title of the richest Russian, but managed to retain the one he wished to get rid of.

Serbian Railways Property in Kosovo Worth EUR 206mn

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The bookkeeping value of the Serbian Railways property in the UN-run southern Serbian province of Kosovo stands at EUR 206.6mn, or 7.81 percent of a total value of the Serbian Railways’ whole base assets, according to that company’s Kosovo coordinator Dra

First Custody Banks in Serbia

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Société Générale, Vojvodjanska Bank, HVB and Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank are the four banks that the Serbian Securities Commission has awarded permits to perform custody services, that is, to manage all activities related to their customers’ securities.

Two Offers for Former MUP Building in Belgrade

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Two companies, Soravia Invest – on behalf of the Austrian Soravia Gruppe - and Private Project Management, have submitted offers in a tender to sell the former Federal Interior Ministry ‘s buildings.


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The companies trading in the Belgrade Stock Exchange do not seem to be doing too well.

Telekom to Borrow EUR 700mn

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Telekom Serbia has said it started the procedure to secure a EUR 700mn loan, with the Citigroup’s mediation.

EBRD to Assist 72 More Serbian Companies

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The European Bank for reconstruction and Development ,EBRD, has started the implementation of the third phase of its project assisting small and medium enterprises, Turnaround Management (TAM).

Mobilkom Starts Operating in June

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The third mobile phone operator in Serbia, the Austria-based Mobilkom, will start operating by beginning of June, the company’s president Boris Nemsic said in Barcelona.

Serbia’s Export to Italy EUR 736mn in 2006

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Last year, Serbia exported goods worth EUR 736mn to Italy, a 40 percent increase compared to 2005, Enrico Barbieri, Director of the Representative office of the Italian Foreign trade Institute (ICE) in Belgrade, said.

New U.S. Import & Export Records

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The U.S. foreign trade deficit in 2006 reached its five consecutive annual records, pushed most of all the ever largest oil import and the flood of goods from China, the Washington administration said.

Chinese Economy Growth to Slow Down to 9.6 % in 2007

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Rapid Chinese economic growth will slightly decelerate this year but will remain at 9.6, the World Bank estimated.

SEAF Looks Where to Invest EUR24mn

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The Washington-based SEAF, a global investment fund, plans to invest a maximum of EUR 24mn into 15 companies in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Billion Euros for Bosnian Coast

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The Bosnian city of Neum on the Adriatic coast has been set to become the largest construction site in South-Eastern Europe with an investment worth EUR 1bn.

US$ 64.5mn from USAID

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The U.S. Agency for the International Development (USAID) will invest US$ 46.5mn in MEGA and SCOPES projects in Serbia.

US$ 14.7bn Investment in Poland in 2006

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Poland attracted US$ 14.7bn in FDI in 2006, a 50 percent increase compared to the year before and exceeding the expected US$ 10bn.


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