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BIGZ Auction March 8

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Serbian Privatization Agency said it would organize an auction on March 8 for selling the 70 percent of the BIGZ , Belgrade Publishing-Graphic Institute’s capital at an opening price of approximately EUR 2.75 mn.

Kosovo Foreign Debt US$ 1,18 bn

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The National bank of Serbia (NBS) said that out of a US$ 19.6 bn Serbian foreign debt in 2006, US$ 1.18 or 6 percent belonged to the country’s southern province Kosovo run by the UN administration.

Belgrade Airport Still Without Cargo Terminal

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Hungary currently leads the race for the title of regional center for cargo traffic, while Belgrade will have to wait for another year at least.

Serbia’s Development 43% Compared to EU New Members

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"If Serbia implements its economic strategy it could, by 2012, boost its development to 73 percent from the current 43 percent of an overall progress in the 10 new EU member-countries,” Edvard Jakopin, Serbia’s Development Bureau Director said.

2006 Foreign Trade Deficit Above 12.8 %

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Despite the last year’s 43 percent raise in exports compared to 2005, Serbia’s foreign trade deficit reached US$6.7 bn, a 12.8 increase from US$ 5.9 bn in 2005.

Fuel Prices Up 2 %

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Serbia oil monoploly, Naftna Industrije Srbije (NIS)increased prices of its products by two percent on average.

EFG Buys Prospera Brokerage

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Greek Evrobank EFG said in a statement it had agreed to buy 74.16 percent of the Belgrade-based Prospera Brokerage.

Bulgarians Take Over Paracin glass factory

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Bulgarian company Rubin is to officially take over a Serbian glass factory in the republic’s southern town of Paracin.

U.S.-Russian Energy War Pending

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The warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent to Greece and Bulgaria to speed up the building of Burgas - Alexandropolis pipeline or lose the Russian companies’ support, seems to be the first signal of Moscow’s fear of another pipeline throug

Reported Sale of EXIT Meets Disapproval

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The northern Serbian city of Novi Sad's celebrities sent a letter of support to EXIT Society, the official organizer of the renowned music festival.

Securing Stable Business Environment

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The Foreign Investors’ Council vice president says investors expect Serbian politicians to “act responsibly”.

Investment Conference End of March

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Canada will organize an investment conference in Belgrade on March 27-28.

Direct Flights to Spain

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Bojan Dimitrijevic, Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Services says direct flights between Serbia and Spain may start this year.

Bankrupt Banks for Sale

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The tender for selling the bankrupt Serbian banks: Beobanka, Invest Banka and Jugobanka was called in several cities in Serbia and neighboring Montenegro.

RTB Sale Deadline Extended

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The deadline for concluding the contract on the sale of the eastern Serbian Mining and Smelting RTB Complex has been extended for 30 days.

Police Question British PM Blair Again in Funding Probe

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Police have questioned the British Prime Minister Tony Blair for a second time in an investigation into political party funding that has cast a shadow over his final months in office.

Agrobanka Increases Capital

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The Serbian Agrobanka stakeholders’ Board is to convene this month to decide on a capital increase proposal.

Japanese to Team Up with Zastava?

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The central Serbian town of Kragujevac-based car maker Zastava is reportedly in talks with the Japanese Sojitz Corporation.

Serbian Agricultural Export Increases

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Serbia exported US$1.26 mn worth of agricultural goods and food products in 2006, an 18.2 percent increase from 2005, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) said in a statement.

Serbia in for More Restrictive Monetary Policy

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Serbia’s foreign trade deficit reached EUR5.36 bn in 2006, an 11 percent increase compared to 2005.

NIS Privatization Postponed

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The privatization of the Serbian oil monopoly Naftna Industrija Srbije, NIS, could be postponed for half a year.

Montenegro to Lease Sveti Stefan

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Amanresorts has signed a 30-year lease contract for Sveti Stefan peninsula hotel in the Montenegrin part of the Adriatic.

Kuprom Faces Financial Problems

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The eastern Serbian Mining and Smelting Comany (RTB) General Director Miodrag Conic told Beta news agency that Romanian Company Kuprom still had not confirmed they had the money required for the acquisition of the Bor business.

Telekom Srpska Takeover in March

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Predrag Culibrk, the Executive Director of Telekom Srbija, Serbia’s largest phone company, said it should complete the takeover of the Telekom Srpska, Bosnia Serb operator in March.

2006 FDI in Montenegro EUR 645 mn

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Last year, EUR 644.9 mn in foreign direct investments (FDI) entered Montenegro, the country’s Central Bank preliminary record showed.

Serbia Has 20,000 Dinar Millionaires?

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All Serbian citizens who earned over EUR 14,300 (more than 1.142.820) in 2006 will have to pay the 10 percent income tax.

Macedonian Media Accuse, Delta Denies

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Macedonian media have been speculating for days about allegedly offered corruption from a Serbian company of EUR 3 mn for a shopping center construction site in Skopje.

BA Slashes Prices to Win Customers

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British Airways is slashing prices on half a million seats in a bid to win back customers after Tuesday's narrowly averted strike.

Tata Steel wins Corus

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India's Tata Steel is set to become the world's fifth-biggest steelmaker after winning a battle for Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus Group with a GBP 6.2 bn offer.

Serbia Needs Faster Communication Market Development

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Telecommunication market in Serbia is still behind from those in the regional countries and that is why a strong competition and modern infrastructure is needed, the participants in the two-day conference Telecommunication market in South Eastern Europe,


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