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More Liberal Dinar Exchange Rate in March

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From March 5, the National Bank of Serbia will form the dinar exchange rate according to demand and supply rule within the entire trade in the inter banking foreign exchange market, a Central Bank statement said.

ITM Founds Investment Funds

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Belgrade-based ITM company planes to form several investment funds in Serbia.

Eunet Privatization in May

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The tender for a sale of one of the largest Serbian internet provider Eunet will be called in May and three companies have already said they were interested to place a bid, Sasa Markovic, the Eunet Executive Manager said.

EM Conference on Regional Telecommunications

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Two-day Conference on the telecommunication markets in southeast Europe, organized by the Ekonomist Magazine, opened on Tuesday at the Belgrade Hyatt hotel.

Dunav Insurance Shares Move up at BSE

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The Belgrade-based Dunav Insurance company’s stock (DNOS) at the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) jumped on Tuesday 5 percent to EUR 147.3 from EUR 140.6.

Slovenian Economy Growth 5.1 % in 2006

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Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS) estimated the country’s economy growth at 5.1 percent in 2006, a 4.5 percent increase in comparison to the previous approximation.

Slovenia to Build Bio-diesel Plant

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A bio-diesel plant in Lendava, Slovenia, built by Nafta and the Austrian CMB Maschinenbau should start operating at the beginning of 2008.

Serbia Promotes Tourism in Madrid

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The Tourist Organization of Serbia will present Serbia’s tourist offer in Madrid at the international tourism fair Fitur 2007, a government statement said.

2007 Inflation up to 8 %, Governor

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The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) governor Radovan Jelasic says this year’s inflation will range from four to eight percent.

Industrial Output Raise in Serbia 4.7 % in 2006

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The industrial output in Serbia was 4.7 percent higher in 2006 than a year before, the Republic’s Statistics Office said in a statement.

Davos Meeting Calls for Progress on Resolving Climate Change

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The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2007 opened on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, with a call from leaders to make progress on resolving climate change and restart the Doha round of global trade negotiations.

Kori Udovicki New UNDP Regional Director

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Serbia said in a statement that Kori Udovicki, ex-Serbian National Bank Governor, has been appointed Regional Director for Europe and the Union of Independent States.

IMLEK-UNICEF Cooperation

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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and IMLEK, the largest milk production factory in Serbia, will renew a decades-long cooperation.

NBS Does Not Influence Dinar Exchange Rate

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The rise of the foreign currency exchange rate in the first half of the month stemmed from an increased demand for foreign currency, which is normal at this time of year”, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) said on Wednesday.

Serbian Average Net Salary EUR 353.3

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An average net salary in Serbia in December 2006 was EUR 353.3 The Republic of Serbia Bureau of Statistics reported that the average after tax salaries and wages in Serbia in December 2006, compared to December 2005 increased by 28.03 percent nominally a

Four Companies Eyeing Belgrade Fair

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Four companies have submitted letters of intention to purchase of the Belgrade Fair.

Slovenian Telekom Eyes Eunet?

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Telekom Slovenia seriously negotiates to take over Eunet, Serbian internet provider, Croatian media reported.

Erste Bank to Increase its Market Share in Serbia

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Austrian-based Erste bank said it planned to increase its share of the Serbian banking market to 4 percent from the current 2.5 percent by the end of 2007, the banks’ president Andreas Trichl said.

Russians Buy RS Oil Industry

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Milorad Dodik, Prime Minister of Republika Srpska (RS), the Serb entity within the BiH Federation, initialed a sale contract worth EUR 121 mn for Rafinerija nafte Brod, Rafinerija ulja Modrica, and Petrol Banja Luka company with the Russian NaftendgazInKo

Reconstruction of Belgrade Motorway Stretch

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Public company Putevi Srbije has announced that the 26 km-long stretch of motorway from the Belgrade Airport to Bubanj Potok, will be reconstructed.

Serbia at Vienna Fair

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Serbia’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) organizes the participation of Serbian companies at the Vienna Real estate Fair.

House Prices up 4.2% in UK

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House prices increased by 4.2 percent during the last three months of 2006, figures have shown.

Italy Opens Shoe Factory in Northern Serbia

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Italian shoe factory Evro-in plans to open a new facility in April in the northern Serbian town of Kula.

Spain Donates EUR 240,000

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Serbia and Spain signed a EUR 240,000 worth agreement on donation in the energy sector.

Ist Point Eyes JRB Ships

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The Ist Point Holding ltd company which has already bought 257 ships from Austria and Hungary, eyes 130 Yugoslav River Shipping Company (JRB) tugboats.

Serbia Greets Visitors with EUR 1 mn Billboards

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Serbia is to spend EUR 400,000 in the first phase of a project to post welcoming billboards at its border crossings.

Russians Give up Agrobanka

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“We are no longer considering the purchase of Agrobanka shares”, Moscow Bank’s President Andrej Borodin said.

Serbia Next Off-Shore Favourite Location

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A news about problems with off-shore companies in Hungary, triggered by the Hungarian tax reform, once again prompted speculations that Serbia could become the most interesting investment destination in this part of Europe.

Spanish to Withdraw from Motorway Concession Concract?

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The contract on the concessions for the Horgos-Pozega motorway, linking northern to western Serbia, has not been signed yet because the owner of Spanish company FCC asked for some additional explanations from the Serbian Government.

CoE Sets Seven Principles for Montenegro’s Accession

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Abdulkadir Atesh, deputy chairman of the Political Committee of the Council of Europe (CoE) Parliamentary Assembly, has requested Montenegrin politicians to incorporate seven CoE principles in the new Montenegrin constitution as a first step toward Monten


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