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Djelic Talks With Foreign Investors

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“I explained foreign investors the real situation in Serbia and encouraged them to keep investing”, Bozidar Djelic, the Demokratic Party (DS) candidate for prime minister said.

Rompetrol Eyes NIS

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Rompetrol is interested in buying the Serbian oil monopoly Naftna industrija Srbije, NIS, Dino Patriciu, a majority owner of this Romanian-American company, said.

Campaign for Investing in Macedonia

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With a profit tax of 10 percent, a tax free reinvestment and a company’s registration within three days, Macedonian Government started a campaign to attract foreign investments.

'Cash-for-honours' Damages Trust in Politics in UK

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Amid reports that the 'cash-for-honours' affair could yet prompt Tony Blair to stand down early, new evidence has emerged of the damage being done to confidence in the political process.

Supermarket Competition Probe in UK

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The competition watchdog is warning that supermarkets may be forcing corner shops out of business.

Serbia to Spend EUR 460 mn on Road Infrastructure

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Serbian public company Putevi Srbije will spend approximately EUR 460 mn to reconstruct roads and bridges.

Serbian Banks Introduce Credit Hictory Check

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Clients in Serbia wishing to obtain a bank loan will have to pass a test on their credit history.

Simpo & Ikea Cooperation

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Serbian Simpo furniture manufacturer and the world-known Swedish Ikea intend to jointly build a children's beds factory in the southern Serbian town of Vranje.

Tessco Invests in Poland

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The largest British retail chain Tessco, will invest EUR 158 mn in Poland in 2007.

Unemployment in Vojvodina on Decline

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The number of unemployed people in the Serbian northern province of Vojvodina dropped by 232 in December from 275,489 listed in November 2006.

Agricultural Companies in Serbia Hard to Sell

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Many agricultural companies in Serbia have been privatized to the benefit of the buyers, experts say, and those left will be difficult to sell.

EU Talks Will Influence Dinar

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The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) governor Radovan Jelasic said the formation of the new cabinet and the EU talks would influence the national currency dinar’s stability.

Serbia Buys Telekom Srpska

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Serbia’s Telekom purchased 65 percent of the Republic of Srpska’s Telekom the for US$ 846 mn.

Telenor Announces 3G Network

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Telenor Serbia says its 3G mobile telephony network will become available in March.

EPS Posts EUR 187.5 mn in 2006 in Profits

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Serbian power monopoly, EPS, for the first time in fifteen years, in 2006 had no losses and ended up with EUR 187.5 mn in profit, Vladimir Djordjevic, EPS General Director said.

‘Bankruptcy Mafia’ Trial Opens

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The so-called bankruptcy mafia’s trial opened in Belgrade on Monday. Bankruptcy mafia members are accused of embezzling tens of millions of euros, causing damage to the state economy.

Triglav Eyes Serbian Market

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Slovenian insurance company Triglav filed a request for registration of a voluntary retirement fund, together with its sister company Triglav and Belgrade-based Kopaonik Insurance Company where Triglav is a majority owner with 95 percent of the stake.

Cimos Opens Factory in Secanj

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Slovenian car manufacturer Cimos opened a car spare parts factory and invested more than EUR 16 mn in Secanj, in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina.

Four Bidders for Kosovo Second Mobile Operator

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Mobilkom Austria, Team Kosovo, Kosmocell and consortium consisted of IPKO net, Telekom Slovenia – Mobitel placed bids on an international tender for the second mobile phone operator in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo.

Eko Yu Invests EUR 16 mn More in Serbia

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Eko Yu Company, a member of Greek Business Group Helenik Petroleum, invested EUR 12 mn in Serbia last year.

Montenegro in IMF and World Bank

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Montenegro became a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank and ended integration in international economic system, Central Montenegrin Bank (CBCG) said in a statement.

EU Support to Serbia EUR 1.28 bn Since 2000

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The European Union (EU) support to Serbia in the past six years has reached EUR 1.28 bn.


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The Belgrade branch of the American marketing agency Luna TBVA has threatened to file a suit against the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS) for the unauthorized use of the Serbia logotype in promotion clips broadcast on CNN.

IMF Chief: Global Economy Threats Easing

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Threats to the global economy's good health have eased as once-surging energy prices have calmed down and the United States seems to be weathering the housing slump well, the head of the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday.

Free Newspapers Conquer World

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The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) said that the free papers were conquering the world market.

Austria to Help Serbia

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The Democratic Party (DS) candidate for the Serbian PM Bozidar Djelic said that the head of the Austrian government Alfred Guzenbauer had promised his country would help Serbia in its strive to join the European Union (EU).

Vranje Gets EUR 400,000

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Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) and the Swiss-Italian Sanch company signed an agreement to stimulate the company’s investment.

Henkel Invests EUR 5.2 mn in Indjija

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The German based Henkel company, a world leader in manufacturing home care, personal care, and adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products, will invest EUR 5.2 mn in a new adhesives factory in the Serbian northern town of Indjija, the Serbian Inve

Millions in UK Hit as Cost of Living Soars

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Britons are suffering a further jump in the cost of living, with inflation rising to 3 percent.

Serbian Hard Currency Reserves EUR11.9 bn

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National Bank of Serbia (NBS) said in a statement that Serbia’s hard currency reserves were EUR 11.9 bn.


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