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EIB delivers record lending for climate action in 2010

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In 2010, the European Investment Bank (EIB) increased financing for climate action projects to EUR 19 billion, representing an impressive 30% of its lending in the European Union. Significantly up from EUR 16 billion the year before, this is a new landmark in supporting sustainable

MEPs to debate Libyan turmoil with Ashton on Wednesday morning

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Ahead of the extraordinary European Council of Friday 11 March, MEPs and EU High Representative Catherine Ashton will discuss the latest developments in Libya and the EU's reaction to events.

Standard & Poor's: Europe may face more ratings cuts, Greek default

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Some countries in the euro region may have their credit ratings cut further while a Greece debt default is a “possibility,” said Moritz Kraemer, managing director of European sovereign ratings at Standard & Poor’s.

Gaddafi intensifies attacks, West considers no-fly zone

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Muammar Gaddafi’s loyalists are forcing attacks on rebels using tanks, missiles, while Great Britain and USA with support of international community are considering imposing a no-fly zone.

Gaddafi talks to TRT-TURK: Holding Al Qaeda responsible for the violence in Libya, Gaddafi called for calm to his people.

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Gaddafi blamed the foreign media for distorting the truth about the incidents in Libya, and said the Turkish and World public opinion would change in favor of his administration in near future.


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