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Portal emg.rs is the new Internet portal of the Ekonom:east Media Group. emg.rs mission is to inform, educate, communicate and explain economic, business and financial trends on the local, regional and global levels.

Portal emg.rs builds on all EMG products and services with a goal to achieve a synergy of information by merging and combining all the products of our media system. Our visitors are also provided with daily news, analyses and data feeds from Serbia and the region, as well as insight into the capital market and can access the online editions of EMG publications with flexible subscription options.

emg.rs is has several mutually supplementing sections that provide the visitors with a comprehensive and reliable view of the economic landscape in Serbia, the region and the world.

emg.rs targets executives and managers in the corporate sector who are looking for data and information of value to their daily business operations and decisions.

Our web portal is also very useful to a wider audience and for all those who want to be well informed and educated in economic issues that affect their everyday lives.

Government institutions and NGOs will find emg.rs to be a precious source of information across the entire specter of economic and social issues.

emg.rs features the following sections: News, Stock Market, Ekonference and Business Calendar, EMG Publications and the EMG corporate pages – an online corporate ID card of Ekonomist Media Group and its entire portfolio of products and services.

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