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Macedonia resumes high-level acession dialogue with EU

08. May 2012. | 05:32

Source: MIA

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule resume Monday in Skopje the Republic of Macedonia-EU high-level accession dialogue, launched in March.

 Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule resume Monday in Skopje the Republic of Macedonia-EU high-level accession dialogue, launched in March.

Commissioner Fule will be briefed on the roadmap for realization of the goals encompassed with the high-level accession dialogue. The roadmap focuses on the five key areas of the accession dialogue - rule of law, public administration reforms, media freedom, reforms in electoral legislation, and functional market economy - including timeframes over their implementation.

Moreover, the technical dialogue on chapters 23 and 24 is developing in parallel. EU officials should decide over the possible opening of new chapters after the second meeting of the high-level accession dialogue.

Prime Minister Gruevski said yesterday the high-level dialogue is yielding good results, whereas Macedonia is doing everything in its power to make headway in several areas.

"The dialogue was launched less than two months ago and in the meantime, we are doing everything we can to make headway in several areas. The roadmap, which was drafted by several teams, includes nearly 150 targets," Gruevski stated.

He added that the high-level accession dialogue was not a substitute for membership talks.

"It will not serve as a substitute of negotiations, however the dialogue will contribute to cutting down the time needed for the membership negotiations provided we continue our work with dedication," the PM noted.

Gruevski informed that the two most important chapters, 23 and 24, had been opened during the dialogue.

"With regard to the reforms it has implemented, Macedonia is far ahead of the status awarded by the EU. The current activities will significantly reduce the time of negotiations once they are launched," PM Gruevski underlined.

Euro-Commissioner Fule is also set to meet with Vice Premier for European Affairs Teuta Arifi, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, as well as hold a joint meeting with members of the Committee on European Affairs, National Euro-Integration Council, Foreign Policy Committee, and Macedonia-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee.


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11. May 2012. 08:52:09

| Ime


Not good enough EU!
This issue has gone beyond reasonable.
What is with these EU politicians are they sitting on their brains?
For how long are they going to tolerate an actual blockade a blockade that seem to be indefinite a blockade that is an ultimatum; change your identity if you want EU membership.
The only question that I and an ever increasing number of people are asking; With all the issues affecting Greece, crooked politicians, nonexistent Human rights etc.
How on Earth did Greece become a member of the EU?
Come on EU put a stop to this one sided bullying!


11. June - 17. June 2012.