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EC's recommendation not yet formulated

11. October 2011. | 07:12 07:25

Source: Emg.rs, Tanjug

The annual report of the European Commission (EC) on Serbia's progress is completed and is manily positive, but the recommendation on candidacy and the beginning of negotiations has not yet been formulated, Tanjug learned in Brussels.

The annual report of the European Commission (EC) on Serbia's progress is completed and is manily positive, but the recommendation on candidacy and the beginning of negotiations has not yet been formulated, Tanjug learned in Brussels.

When it comes to Serbia, the opinion will be formulated in the last minute, ahead of the official publishing in Brussels on Wednesday, October 12, Tanjug learned from a European diplomat who wished to remain anonymous.

Political consultations are still underway, the diplomat said, adding that the EC will most likely recommend that Serbia be given candidate status.

As for Serbia's progress, the document favorably assesses the cooperation with the ICTY, fight against organized crime and promotion of regional cooperation, Tanjug's sources stated.

In addition, the report commends Serbia's efforts to harmonize its legislation with the EU standards.

Serbia's candidacy had until recently been a done deal, but latest events at the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings in northern Kosovo made certain countries reexamine their positions in the last minute, the sources stated.

Brussels believes that Serbia should not be supporting the setting up of barricades, and certain countries with soldiers within KFOR badly reacted to the wounding of KFOR members.

Taking into account that not all EU member states have recognized Kosovo, the report does not refer to Kosovo as an independent state, but rather as a territory in accordance with the Resolution 1244 of the UN Security Council.

The report points out the difficult economic and security situation in Kosovo, adding that Brussels is taking very seriously the allegations of human organ trafficking stated in the report by Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty.

However, it is estimated that Serbia will get the EU candidate status.

The reports on each individual country will be presented formally on Tuesday, with Serbia being the first one this year to get the European Commission's opinion on its readiness to become a candidate for EU membership.

The final decision on the issue will be delivered by the European Council in December.

Srrbian PM: EU membership is a strategic issue for Serbia

Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said in an interview with Spanish daily ABC that unilateral actions are not a way to solve problems and they cannot lead to sustainable solutions, and also expressed gratitude to Spain for having not recognised the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo.

Cvetkovic said that during his visit to Spain he conveyed Serbia’s appreciation to Spain on its position, adding that the Serbian government is committed to reconciliation in the Balkans and finding solutions that would be acceptable to all.

I believe that unilateralism is not the way to solve problems, especially in the Balkans, with such a mixture of different nations. In such a diverse environment unilateral actions will never lead to sustainable solutions, and problems will occur sooner or later, he concluded.

Regarding the issue of Kosovo, Cvetkovic said that Serbia is ready for an agreement and reconciliation with the Albanians, who, however, so far applied only unilateral actions, and stressed that Serbia is committed to achieving a solution through negotiations, without double standards.

He stressed that Serbia's entry into the EU is a strategic issue and the best possible option for Serbia.

He expressed hope that the European Commission in the report of 12 October will positively evaluate the reforms conducted in Serbia.

Cvetkovic said that there is no doubt related to it, regardless of the severe crisis in the euro zone.

Now we are trying to overcome the serious crisis which began with problems in the financial sector in the United States, said Cvetkovic, noting that these are normal ups and downs in the economy.

Our goal of EU integration is not a short-term one, stressed the Serbian Prime Minister.

Speaking about relations between Spain and Serbia, Cvetkovic said that political relations are much better than economic relations, and added that the aim of his visit to Spain was to show that the time has come for a lucrative investment in Serbia.


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