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EP: Give Kosovo European perspective

29. March 2012. | 06:51 06:56

Source: Emg.rs, Tanjug

Members of the European Parliament (EP) supported Wednesday a resolution which asks that Kosovo be allowed to start European integration, along with other parts of the Western Balkans.

Members of the European Parliament (EP) supported Wednesday a resolution which asks that Kosovo be allowed to start European integration, along with other parts of the Western Balkans.

European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele addressed the MEPs before the debate, saying that the European Commission is already offering the citizens of Kosovo a European perspective by opening a dialogue on visa liberalization and starting work on a feasibility study.

We did not go to Pristina empty handed, said Fuele, who was in Pristina Tuesday to deliver to the Kosovo authorities a document opening work on the study.

A majority of MEPs noted that the issues of organized crime and lack of rule of law are still the biggest obstacles on Kosovo's path to Europe, and several reminded about Dick Marty's report on organ trafficking.

Almost all stressed the importance of Belgrade and Pristina continuing their dialogue.

Member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Tanja Fajon said that neither the study nor the start of visa liberalization dialogue define Kosovo as a party to a contract and do not have the status of an agreement.

EP rapporteur for Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek submitted an amendment asking that Kosovo be allowed to take part in the Olympic Games in London.

Even if the amendment passes at Thursday's session, it is not in any way binding for the International Olympic Committee.

Meltzer: Kosovo cannot become EU member

MP of the Freedom Party of Austria in the European Parliament (EP) Andreas Meltzer stated on Wednesday that EU enlargement should not focus on Serbia and Montenegro alone, and underscored that in its current form, Kosovo can never become a member of the EU.

Ahead of the Wednesday EP sitting during which MPs should discuss reports on the progress of Turkey, Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, Meltzer pointed out that the EU should intensify its focus on the integration of countries such as Serbia and Montenegro.

Serbia is not a European country just because of its cultural, historical and geographic parameters, it also demonstrated in the past year that it wishes and is willing to meet the criteria set by the EU, Meltzer pointed out in the release.

He said that Serbia is yet to undertake a long and difficult path toward full membership in the EU and it is in the interest of Europe and the EU to integrate the most important country and thus take care of the stability in the Balkans.

The threat to the stability in the Balkans is embodied in the artificially set up entity of Kosovo which cannot survive without substantial funds from Brussels.

The region which violated UN Security Council Resolution 1244 by declaring independence contrary to the international law cannot become a member of the EU in its current form, he underscored.


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