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IMF supports NBS target inflation policy EBRD upgrades forecast for Romania Unions and Prime Minister, talks IMF Mission to meet with bankers Friday Balkan news agencies to meet in Belgrade Albania: Socialists criticise police for political assassination Greece: Acropolis blocked again Djelic opens two-day conference on sustainable development Naftogaz: Ukraine to pay USD 1bn for Russian gas in October Russia, Poland sign protocols on gas agreement Scorpions give last concert in Greece Commission competitiveness overview on Greece EBRD revises projection - FYRMacedonia's economy to rise by 0.8 percent PM Gruevski to meet Fule, Papandreou in Brussels Croatia: Podravka turns down OTP bank's offer Halt in appointment of BiH Anticorruption Agency Director SIPA seize illegal money and gold from Tuzla NLB Bank 6th Sarajevo Wine Festival EP Delegation in Tirana next week EU leaders strive for deal on budget discipline Kosovo-US trade forum kicks off in New York EPS, KfW to sign loan agreement Dinkic to visit Vranje Connecting business registers from 26 European countries Jeremic: Russia endorses Serbia in international arena Serbian Government offers prize for information on Mladic, Hadzic Croatian Parliament voted confidence in Croatian government Romanian opposition announces further struggle against government Germany approves EUR 123 million assistance to Serbia USA grants USD 74,000 to VMA Tadic: Serbia could exit economic crisis in next two years Russia, Serbia agree to speed up realisation of Russian loan

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Agreement for implementation of project for establishing Danube Centre for Competency

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The goal of the Danube for the competence centre is to encourage tourist region of the Middle and Lower Danube area and tourism entities representing the interests of Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Dinkic to visit HIP Petrohemija

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic will visit the petrochemical producer HIP Petrohemija on 17 February.

Conference on Best Technological Innovation 2010

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The organiser of the competition is the Ministry of Science and Technological Development together with the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Radio Television Serbia.

EBRD-Srbijagas deal signing canceled

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The reason given for the cancellation was that the ERBD representatives were not able to come to Belgrade, the statement said.

The head of the Greek Liaison Office in Pristina to mediate for the protection of religious and cultural heritage

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US Congressmen to visit Serbia

08:24 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

George Vojinovic and Jeanne Shaheen will come first, and stay in Serbia from February 17 to 19, as part of an overall visit to the region.From February 18 to 21, a member of the US House of Representatives, Earl Pomeroy, will also be on a visit to Serbia.

Belgian PM returns to Brussels due to accident

08:31 | broj komentara 0 | EMportal, Tanjug

Sejdiu and Taci's cabinets stated that the plane of the Belgian prime minister had already reached the airport in Pristina when it turned around to go back to Brussels, having been informed about the accident.

Commissioner Hammarberg calls for stop of forced returns and immediate evacuation of Roma from lead-contaminated camps

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After the second visit within ten months to the lead-contaminated Roma camps of Cesmin Lug and Osterode in northern Kosovo, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, deplored that the situation for the inhabitants remains the same

Three bids for construction of Corridor 10 northern link

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Tender bids for the construction of 110 kilometres of the northern part of road Corridor 10, from Novi Sad to Horgos and from Subotica to Kelebija, were opened today at the Ministry of Infrastructure. It was stated that three bids had been received.

"West wants Kosovo to stop relying on donors"

10:18 | broj komentara 0 | Reuters

Two years after Kosovo's independence from Serbia, increasingly wary Western donors are keen to wean the country from foreign aid and take more resolute steps to fight poverty, crime and corruption.

Balkans: Drug trafficking provokes diplomatic row

10:24 | broj komentara 0 | AKI

Serbia and Montenegro have engaged in a bitter war of words in connection with cocaine smuggling from South America, accusing each other of hampering inquiries and protecting suspects.

Vojvodina takes over first set of jurisdictions

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On Feb. 16, the Vojvodina Assembly adopted its first decision passing authorization over a number of companies over to the provincial administration, in accordance with the new Law on Vojvodina's Jurisdictions.

Kostunica: Opposition to work toward calling of election

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Democratic Party of Serbia leader Vojislav Kostunica said on Feb. 16 that the cooperation between opposition parties toward the calling of an early general election was absolutely sufficient and that there was no need to create a new kind of Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS).

Government ready to support large investors

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic together with a delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited car manufacturer Fiat Automobili Srbija (FAS) in Kragujevac.

Hyseni: "Greece is moving towards recognition of Kosovo independence"

14:24 14:38 | broj komentara 0 | EMportal, Koha Ditore

In an interview with Vienna newspaper Der Standard, Hyseni said that “friendly pressure must be applied to countries inside the EU that still have not recognized Kosovo,” emphasizing that “Greece is heading in that direction”.

Two years of Kosovo's illegal independence

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Today marks two years of the secession of Kosovo-Metohija that was proclaimed by the Albanian minority in Serbia and the same period of Belgrade's diplomatic fight for legal, just and sustainable resolution of status of Serbia's southern province.

....And justice for All!

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On the occasion of nine years since the massacre of 12 Serbs in a terrorist attack on a Niš ekspres bus near Podujevo, Serbian Orthodox Church bishops Atanasije and Teodosije held a memorial service in St Nicholas’ church in downtown Pristina. The service was attended by


15. February - 21. February 2010.