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Police to take highest security measures during Pride Parade

08:59 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs, Infobiro.tv

Serbia's Interior Minister Ivica Dacic has appealed to the citizens to avoid incidents during the Belgrade Pride Parade on Sunday and announced the police would implement the highest measures of security to ensure the event goes smoothly.

Thousands protest gay pride march in Serbia

09:01 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs, Infobiro.tv

The Ministry of the Interior urged all participants in the Pride Parade which will be held in Belgrade today to follow instructions they have been given by the organisers of the event.Several thousand supporters of the far-right protested Saturday in downtown Belgrade against a

First Pride Parade held in Belgrade, hooligans cause riots

15:39 19:58 | broj komentara 1 | Emg.rs, Tanjug, B92, Infobiro.tv

Belgrade hosted its first Pride Parade on Sunday, which had a around 1,000 participants, but the day was also marked by the riots caused in other parts of the city by hooligans who opposed the gathering. According to the police data, the Parade had over 1,000 participants, while


04. October - 10. October 2010.