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Djukanovic to announce his stepping down Tuesday Top officials have harmonized stance on continuation of name talks under UN aegis WikiLeaks releases report of James Pardew about Bulgarian organized crime Mrkonjic: Another 170 kilometres of motorway in 2011 Thaci: Accusations launched by anti-independence network EP to ratify SAA with Serbia in January $11,5 bln given to RF companies in crisis returned to CBR - Putin Virtual museum on Sarajevo siege launched Croatia's INA to import gas from Italian group ENI Russia's draft UN statement proposes sending envoy to Koreas Kosovo parties form coalition Heavy snow hits air travel, roads in Europe Serbia's European future certain thanks to DS Montevideo screened to full house in Zvecan Eurostat: Germany's older generation to work longer Central Council of Serbian NGOs established in FYRMacedonia NBS does not give up on its goals, needs state support Milosavljevic to attend beginning of recycling of pirated CDs Press conference on donation of Western Union bank to three educational institutions Ljajic to visit Council of Europe in Strasbourg Japan donates for Kraljevo primary school Agreements on UN assistance to Serbia signed

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Bangladesh: Fire kills 20 people, injuries 100

16:46 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

About 20 people were killed, and more than 100 injured in a fire at a garment factory near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, the local television channels reported.

Record attendance at Arab Book Fair in Beirut

10:06 | broj komentara 0 | ANSAmed

While the world awaits the Iraqi cultural renaissance, Beirut is now not only the ideal place for publishing houses who publish in Arabic, but is also a competitor of Cairo's in terms of the quality of the narrative and essays produced from the Atlantic to the Gulf and was last

Obituary: Richard Holbrooke, a giant of U.S. diplomacy

10:10 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs

Mr. Holbrooke’s death comes at a critical time with the U.S. administration due to unveil in the coming days a key review of its troop surge in Afghanistan and campaign against the Taliban on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border.


13. December - 19. December 2010.