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Merkel to visit German soldiers in Kosovo Milutin Mrkonjic: Corridors 10,11,renewable energy - 2012 priorities Dacic:Cultural heritage agreement distorts history Lissovolik warns of risk of debt increase Schmidt: Economy to lead Serbia to EU Orthodox teaching in Sarajevo as of New Year Dejanovic: DS and SPS to form future government De Marnhac: Barricades must be removed Motorola to arrive in Serbia on 20 December Greece: 12 ports and 29 airports to be privatised Greece: Restaurant sector badly hit 90,000 tourists expected in Israel for Christmas Christmas glass balls produced in Cluj-Napoca conquer world Romanian music will reach the Christmas Markets in Germany and Switzerland this week Elena Udrea: Country brand is a great success, we keep it till 2015 Banking sector in Macedonia can withstand worst eurozone scenarios Russia set to become WTO member after 18 years of talks 2CELLOS to play in Zagreb on Dec 21 Albanian PM: Union with Kosovo is not an option Serbian scientists part of CERN team Dacic: There is no dilemma Kosovo or EU Payment of assistance to police offcers in next six months Cvetkovic:Next govt will reschedule 2012 budget Hadzic trial to start October 16, 2012 An informal EU Summit to be held next year The EU's response to the "Arab Spring"

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Euro zone break-up a real danger - Austria chancellor

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There is a clear danger that the euro zone could break up unless the bloc implements new rules and sticks to them, Austria's chancellor Werner Faymann told a newspaper.

Russia choosing Parliament

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Parliamentary elections have begun in Russia. Voting will take place across ten time zones and 9,000 km, from the Pacific coast to Kaliningrad. It was midnight in Moscow when polling stations opened in Kamchatka, Chukotka and Yakutia.

Russia's Parliamentary elections 2011 preliminary results

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The 6th State Duma elections in the Russian Federation are now over. At 23:45 p.m. Moscow time 46.2% voted for United Russia, 21.03% - for the Communist Party, 11.1% - for the Liberal Democratic Party, 12.8% - for Just Russia, 2.00% - for Yabloko, 0.50% - for Right Cause, 1.


28. November - 04. December 2011.