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Group of people rescued from cave in Bulgaria

07. December 2010. | 06:28

Source: Tanjug

Bulgarian rescuers managed to save seven people who were stranded in the Duhlata cave near Sofia, the Bulgarian media reported on Monday.

Due to a rise of groundwater level, alpinism and speleology instructors and five primary school students were trapped in the cave. Their health condition is stable, and only one of the children has mild hypothermia.

In the rescuing action participated eight rescuers, two of them being doctors, Mountain Rescue Service Director Kiril Rusev stated.

According to him, it was necessary to dig through a part of the cave so that the swollen water could run out faster, allowing trapped people to come out.

Bulgarian PM Boyko Metodiev Borisov and Mayors of Pernik and Karlovo Municipalities, whose citizens are the “prisoners” in the cave, were also on the spot.

The Duhlata cave with its 18 kilometers is the longest cave in Bulgaria.


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