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Obama: "I will talk to Papandreou over name issue again"

29. May 2011. | 10:00

Source: MIA

"Macedonia is a perfect example. Whenever I meet with the Macedonian President, we are talking about the name issue. This frustrates me. I promise You President Ivanov that I will again speak to Papandreou on the issue. I believe he is also ready for a solution", said Obama.

President Gjorge Ivanov took part late Friday at the working dinner of participants at the 17. meeting of Presidents of Central European States with United States President Barack Obama, MIA reports from Warsaw.

Ivanov stressed Republic of Macedonia was the only country in the world to have additional condition for UN accession, as well as the only country to have additional condition for NATO membership and EU integration, saying this condition is irrational and absurd.

"As a country we have met all conditions for NATO accession and continuation of our EU integration process. Republic of Macedonia was the only country emerging from the former state without conflicts and wars", stressed Ivanov.

He added that Macedonia enhanced its eternal tradition of coexistence and tolerance with the Ohrid Accord, which represents the most successful agreement in the region, whereas the country has built a unique model of integration without assimilation, producing regional stability.

"The Republic of Macedonia wants a solution. Macedonia demonstrated its constructiveness prior to the Bucharest summit. PM Papandreou should be assisted in making a concrete step forward", said Ivanov.

U.S. President Obama stressed Central and Eastern European countries have achieved remarkable success they should be proud of.

"Macedonia is a perfect example. Whenever I meet with the Macedonian President, we are talking about the name issue. This frustrates me. I promise You President Ivanov that I will again speak to Papandreou on the issue. I believe he is also ready for a solution", said Obama.

He added all countries from the region of Central and Eastern Europe have individual problems - ethnic, political, economic.

"We all have different problems. We are imperfect creatures, but the most important thing is that differences and problems are settled in a peaceful manner, through political means, dialogue and institutions", said Obama.

According to him, the most important thing is to keep the NATO and EU doors open for all who want to join and meet criteria.

"My message to everyone on this table is - be proud of your progress, we are behind you, we will support you. We only ask one thing in return - work together with us towards democracy, freedom and common objectives. Your problems come to me through our ambassadors, the State Department and Washington. I assure you this evening's talks will yield results", underlined U.S. President Obama.


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30. May 2011. 00:10:00

| Ime


Obama very well knows about the extremism in FYROM (who hide their ethnic Bulgarian past, have now suddenly changed into "ancient Macedonians" and use that to encourage irredentism against Greece. A few years ago he sponsered a bill in the Senate Hr.300 denouncing FYROM for "hostile propaganda"

He's just being polite because he's hoping this issue will magically go away (i.e. he doesn't want America to have to clean up FYROM if it implodes due to all the historical propaganda collapsing). There is not a snowballs chance in hades Greece will recognize FYROM's name for as long as ultra nationalist Gruevski continues to thieve Greece history and portray Macedonia as occupied.

30. May 2011. 07:41:53

| Astibo


Greece is in ruins and all this dumb fuck cares about is the propaganda its government has used to blind the people from the reality that is now facing them.

30. May 2011. 07:42:10

| Ime


I'm a Macedonian from Greece I do speak a slavic dialect,a remnant of a slavic past in the region in my opinion an old Bulgarian dialect,recognizing this language as simply Macedonian will be an un-justice done to the balkan history, a falcification of a glorious past Greek or Bulgarian.

30. May 2011. 07:41:53

| Ime


lme, you absolute Greek retard. Brainwashed my your own hellenic text books. The greek thing started off as a lie decades ago, now the republic of athens have convinced themselves that this lie is true.

RPM, I'm glad you've got Obama on your side:) Good Luck.

30. May 2011. 12:06:16

| Kiril


To the outsider, this whole "Macedonian name game" is just that, an infantile game between two seemingly backward south eastern European peoples, who in the whole scheme of things are not that important and mostly insignificant. I know our Hellenic friends would not agree, but in reality you are no different to any other Balkan nation. The only difference being, you Hellenics have had a fast lane pass to the first world, thanks to Western Europe and U.S., but too many free rides have made you the proverbial welfare state, a money sucking parasite on Europe's bum.

We are constantly fed Greek propaganda about the Republic of Macedonia, such as "EXPANSIONIST, IRREDENTIST, NATIONALISTIC"! What are you people talking about, are you really afraid of Macedonia occupying Greece or is the real threat from within Greece itself? Yes, the only threat is within your borders, your citizens, this is the real threat to your Greece. Minorities, minorities, minorities, Greek minority populations and your treatment of them past and present, this is what it's all about, . If you are ignorant to this fact, just open up your minds for a moment and think about it. How can The Rep. of Macedonia and every other 21st century European nation have many dozens of recognised minorities and Greece only has one? How can this be?? Are you Hellenic boys hiding something??? Hmmm!

This is the real problem for you, because a Macedonian identity to the Greece's immediate north will almost certainly trigger some of your so called slavophone Greeks to identify with their northern cousins. From that point who knows, Albanians, Vlachs, Roma and so on, it's any ones guess.

30. May 2011. 12:06:16

| Macedonian


Good Luck proud Macedonian from greece.

Even greece recognised the Macedonian language in 1915 to have official Macedonian-Greek translators as evidenced in greek archive (not bulgarian) and it was Macedonian language that got banned in greece in 1954, not bulgarian.

Ti gospodine si najmnogu za zalenje!

30. May 2011. 14:39:26

| Ronald


Ime- obviously as a Greek, who are you to speak as though modern day Macedonia/ Macedonian's and the Macedonian language as a falcification of Greek and Bulgarian history? The modern day Greek population consists of multiple different nationalities yet Greece claims that the nation is 100% pure Greek(descendants of the Ancient Greek Hellenes). Please consider this prior to commenting on the genetic origin of modern day Macedonians, reffering them to Bulgarians and even regarding them as "extremists".

30. May 2011. 14:39:26



Ime- you're a joke.

31. May 2011. 13:28:53

| Stam Birsimitzoglu


We are 100% Greek. Our ancestors were the Ancient Greeks. We banned Slavic-FYROMian language? So what? Every country has the right to choose its ethnicities. Macedonia was an Ancient Greek land. We only cleaned it of the Slavs.

01. June 2011. 08:12:20

| Kirilis


Me Greek, me 100% Greek, my people 100% pure Greek, our government tell us this, they no tell us lies, no, no no! We are pure people, we stay pure from ancient times, this is why we own all ancient Balkan history. FYROMIAN's are Slav, very bad people, they are theives and liars, very big liars.

Let me tell the truth about Macedonia, me, I am true Macedonian. 2500 years ago Alexander Megali spread his Greek seed to Pontus in present day Northern Turkey, we Pontic people (approx. 1/2 million) come back to mother Macedonia in 1920, after very bad Turkish people kick us out. Of course we have to kick out some Slav's to make room for my people, but this is OK, they are only Slav's not Greek like me.

Now I tell you about Slavs, they come to my Macedonia 1600 years ago. They were happy little Slavs living in my beautiful Macedonia for 1550 years and then Tito tell them they are Macedonian and they believe this. Very stupid people, yesterday they were Slavs and today they are Macedonian. Ah ha ha ha, sorry I laugh, how stupid some people can be.

Slav's even brainwashed my dear old yaya, she sometimes forgets and calls these people Macedonian, but we soon remind her that they are scopians not Macedonians. She apologises and says old habits die hard. Poor yaya,
she even knows how to talk their slavo-vulgarian language, that malakia Tito nearly brainwashed my yaya too!


15. August - 21. August 2011.