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Srebrenica in the eyes of truth

28. July 2011. | 08:40

Source: Emg.rs

Norwegian director and an independent investigative journalist Ola Flum shook the “politically correct” part of the Norwegian public two-piece documentary on Srebrenica, recently shown on Norwegian TV.

Norwegian director and an independent investigative journalist Ola Flum shook the “politically correct” part of the Norwegian public two-piece documentary on Srebrenica, recently shown on Norwegian TV.

Serbia does not want to buy film, and none of the media not to write about any letter.

Ola FLYMO is based on materials stored on site made a documentary film, in order not distinguish media lies fabricated in the war-torn areas of Yugoslavia. This film came at the right time, that after Herman’s book “The massacre at Srebrenica,” highlighted a different view of the Balkan tragedy.

The war in Yugoslavia

For the truth is important that these works come from different parts of the world – are not synchronized, or ordered, but on the contrary, the authors make it difficult to survive on the media scene, and Ola could even have big problems with a strong Muslim lobby in Norway.

Although so far recorded about thirty documentaries staying in Africa, the United States and Russia, it seems that most of the Balkans had echoes – perhaps the most controversial.

From the testimony of foreign military personnel to “temporary work” in the war-torn Yugoslavia, and the shots showing the entry of General Mladic in Srebrenica empty, crumbling of the established taboos “nenaoružanoj” Army of Alija Izetbegovic and 8,000 “killed” civilians.

This documentary in two parts (“A city that can be sacrificed” and “Traces of Sarajevo”) has already rocked the Norwegian public, and Muslims who worked on the film were later – after death threats – distanced themselves from the film and participate in it.

One of the few people who dared to publicly stand in defense of Ole FLYMO Dr. Zorica Mitic, it has for years persistently advertised publicly in defense of the truth about the Serbian people, and interests – as he puts it – “its Norwegian people,” the New World Order sentenced to believe in lies, without doubt.

“In every war, the first die and the first true killer media. They produce images ordered in advance of events staged in order to provoke responses provided. Therefore, the analysis of the war with hindsight very important because they can be placed in a broader perspective and review developments in the world, in order to get many shades. Ola Flum has made such analysis and with the word given to the Muslim side in Bosnia.

Muslims in Bosnia are not homogeneous in the perception of war and those who were in Sreberenica feel issued by their own leadership. This is exactly what is shown in the documentary material, on which the director has worked very responsible for ten years in collaboration with David Hebditom (Bi-Bi-Si) and two Muslim journalists. “

“Many people think of Srebrenica as a new Holocaust in Europe, where 8,000 people were killed. In reality – it was much more comprehensive and complicated event of war. We show that the young man is acting as a general who wants to take control of an area. The fort was abandoned, and about 15,000 men fled the Serbian province through the Muslim lines. No one knows how many armed … it seems to us that this is an extremely chaotic situation, not as a planned ethnic cleansing, “said director of Ola Flum.

The motives of the witness to speak honestly about this tragic event, Ola is the following information:

“We have worked almost exclusively from Muslim sources. Survivors have told us that they felt betrayed by his superiors in the game over territory. From these testimonies is clearly seen that Muslim leaders were willing to sacrifice Srebrenica in order to get the area around Sarajevo. “

Martti Ahtisaari

FLYMO declares that the documents show that the Muslim terrorists – the Mujahideen from Afghanistan and Al Qaeda came to Bosnia with arms and fighters, to be part of the process of building a modern Al Qaeda.

“In the film testify about sources of U.S. intelligence that shows that the U.S. facilitated the smuggling of weapons to the Muslim army in the demilitarized zones, including the discharge of weapons near the Norwegian UN base in Tuzla, near Srebrenica. During these illegal unloading were endangered Norwegian soldiers, because the Serbian forces – when they saw what kind of dirty game is about – artillery responded to UN positions. In one such attack killed a Norwegian soldier, “said Flum.

The director had the opportunity to tell lies about another American PR firm, “Ruder Finn,” Bernard Kouchner, she launched a propaganda farce about Serbian concentration camps for extermination, which were later shown to be an assembly centers for the exchange of prisoners, which is Alija Izetbegovic and affirmed …

The war in Bosnia – which resulted in total destruction of Yugoslavia, was intended to break the socialist Yugoslavia and its socialist system, in order to put the country under multinational control, which would place under the control of the strategically important river Danube. The result is a four-year war, disastrous for all nations in this region – both for the Muslims in Bosnia, and for the Serbs and Croats.

When it comes to the role of Ahtisaari, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the 2008th year, Ola Flum recalls that he was just a puppet of the United States, NATO and the EU, so that played a “decisive role” in ending the conflict in Kosovo in 1999, Indonesia 2005, Iraq, Northern Ireland and the Horn of Africa. When in 2005. The Kofi Annan chose Ahtisaari as special envoy for the Kosovo status process, it is not known what it is today disclosed that the whole process was transparent, just preparing for the secession of Kosovo from Serbia.

A journalist commented on the article Elihu Gregory, director of “Risrč Institute” in Jasenovac, which the text “As received the Nobel Prize,” recalls the bombing of Belgrade, Ahtisaari threatened, in which half a million people died in just one week and concluded: “The war Kosovo was not nothing but a brutal butchering of Serbs. “

Future projects

The latest project Ole FLYMO covers the period before 11 September 2001. exploring the role of the Taliban Oil companies in trade, which has received 100,000 kronor support from Frit Ord organizations to support the Norwegian industrial interests in Afghanistan, where major oil companies fight the battle for control over natural resources.

“It is obvious that the war in Afghanistan is part of a much larger plan and that it’s not just the struggle for women’s rights and democracy. In justification of future wars of choice has a lot of cynicism, both by political and security structures, and political and energy sector. This film is still a distant prospect, “says Ola FLYMO.
It is evident that Yugoslavia was just one episode in a chain of events, as will as the world political scene analysts have something to say. Ola hopes that someone will post it on the basis of the remaining unused materials continue painstaking work of searching for complete truth about the aggression against Yugoslavia and follow the footsteps of “unused” of weapons from Bosnia:

“From this distance, we recognize that many facilities in today’s wars, moved from Bosnia, and many other weapons found in Bosnia is the way to Iraq after the 2003 invasion. year.

Norway printed on film Oli Flume

Damping action of the truth about Srebrenica and persecution Ole Flum, led by Age Bohgrevnik from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, since 1990. advocated the idea of ​​a unitary BiH independent Kosovo. Hunt on the director joined by Sven Alkalaj, which “severely condemns” show this documentary in which the director of “mock the Muslim victims.”

The attack on Olu came up to the Broadcasting Council of Norway and the Superior Board of Professional Journalists for Free Press. He will soon have before them to prove that had exceeded the standards of freedom of speech and press in Norway.

However, Venećilde journalist said that “Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the press had to fit themselves because they are the last 20 years flagrantly violated minimum standards of the right to freedom of information in Norway, prećutkujući Serbian victims and offering tendentious selection of partial information and the arbitrary interpretation of historical processes, with srbofobičnu propaganda that sells lies and deliberate factual errors. “

While Serbs in Serbia have not had the opportunity to see these films, and the Serbian government idly watched as Serbian hostages in The Hague awaiting the court verdict which says Washington conviction, the Bosniak propagnda in action.

BH Messenger from Norway writes that the Bosnian lobby of Norway, organized several groups that track releases and immediately react to the articles against them. These groups will persistently ask the Norwegian parliament to pass a resolution on Srebrenica, following the example of Americans, a special group working on a new lawsuit against Ole Flum.

It may sound unbelievable, but Serbia has refused to buy Olin film, although in the meantime taken on a number of European countries.


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