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Albanian Gov't approves full investigation of Dick Marty allegations into Albania territory

05. May 2012. | 08:35

Source: Emg.rs

The government of Albania approved draft law, “On jurisdictional over EULEX Task Force probe”. The government forwards the draft to the Assembly and requires its approval at accelerated procedure.

The government of Albania approved draft law, “On jurisdictional over EULEX Task Force probe”. The government forwards the draft to the Assembly and requires its approval at accelerated procedure.

PM Berisha appreciated the law will pave the way to the EULEX Task Force team of experts to conduct probe into Dick Marty Report of allegations into Albania territory. “We have full confidence in the team and through this law we create the relevant legal basis and a strong support for the investigation”, said the prime minister.

Appreciating indispensable the discovery of the truth on Marty claims, the prime minister emphasized that the report is not based on any evident fact. “The efforts to turn Albanians into demon-like, - said the prime minister – are primitive approaches and unfortunately they remind us of historical clichés that give nobody any credit.”

Speaking on the issue, PM Berisha said:

“Today, we approve legislation of cooperation with the EU-led investigation into Dick Marty Report. We have already voiced all our consideration on the report’s main goal which as a matter of fact was written by the former prosecutor of Slobodan Milosevic, Vladimir Vukcevic, as he also acknowledges by himself in his papers. But, the sensitivity of unsubstantiated allegations of the report requires a full detailed investigation into the claims of organ transplants, one of the ugliest and toughest crimes against mankind. Marty claims that in Fushë Krujë, - nourished by hate or perhaps he hated George Bush choosing to visit Fushë Krujë and no other town and it makes us proud,- there used to be a hospital that conducted transplants and their trafficking worldwide. There is a probe into the claims and we are interested into a serious investigation. Hence, we forward a special law to the Parliament so that the group gets all authority to conduct full investigation throughout the territory of Albania. This gentleman alleging of a hospital in Fushë Krujë, located next to the airport, must prove his claims with facts and we are more interested than anybody else for these serious statements against the political leadership of Kosova, but even of Albania to be truthful.

The Justice Ministry has already cooperated with EULEX experts and the law will create them all opportunity for a full investigation. We have full confidence in the team and that through this law we create the legal basis and a strong support. I cannot help saying that this document is based on no evident fact. He has chosen Fushë Krujë and not Kruja, Kavaja or any other town for his goals. But, probe will bring the truth to light. Not even Milosevic accused us of such a crime. Albanians are aware that this butcher of the Albanians, has not declared any trade or trafficking with organs get from the Serb war captives in thousands of pages at the Hague.

There will be full investigation even into a claimed mass grave as this is the second allegation of Senator Dick Marty. There must be a probe to confirm the location of such a mass grave. The fact of the matter is that right after the war several teams have come and have found no trace of mass grave of hundreds of Serbs, but only Luma villagers in their houses and cattle stalls. They give no name. On the other hand, there are more than 2000 Albanians, identified and they don’t hand over the corpses, but keep them. However, we accept the international law and we support investigation countrywide and put no restriction at all.

We are satisfied with the EU undertaking such an investigation. The law adheres to the Stabilization Association Agreement that stipulates Albania cooperation with the EU in the penal field. The Constitution of Albania also envisages priority to the international agreements to the laws of the country. Therefore, we approve this special law. We are interested in complete investigation. The fact that Vukcevic wrote the document is a crystal clear evidence of its political goals. The former Senator Dick Marty is known for his real anti-Albanian stands. He used to be a vocal opponent of the NATO intervention in Kosova because he thought it was better Milosevic reiterated Hitler-like schemes of ethnic cleansing and genocide than the NATO to intervene and protect the rights and human rights of a nation who was barbarously being displaced from its centuries-old lands. This being said, still Marty claims of witnesses, hence the investigation needs to be quite seriously. I have a different view as Marty from the very beginning involves Kosova political leadership which he himself denies in the essence. It seems as if Milosevic put the title on his report and he continues with Fushë Krujë as the epicenter of a criminal activity that the international conventions stipulate as the gravest act. Hence, according to the Albanian approach, this law gives the best response to our approach. We support the full investigation into the issue and express grateful thanks to the EU and EULEX for funding such an important investigation not only for Albania and the Albanians, but for all the region. The efforts to turn Albanians into demon-like - said the prime minister – are primitive approaches and unfortunately remind us of historical clichés that give nobody any credit.”


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