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May 11 - Start of electoral campaign for local elections in Romania

13. May 2012. | 07:07

Source: Agerpres

The campaign for election of mayors, presidents of county councils, local and county councils is kicking off on Friday and is going to end on June 9, at 7:00 hrs, local time.

The campaign for election of mayors, presidents of county councils, local and county councils is kicking off on Friday and is going to end on June 9, at 7:00 hrs, local time.

During this period, the candidates enrolled into the electoral race for a seat in the local administration will try to convince voters to give them their vote.

In the election campaign, the candidates, political parties, political alliances, electoral alliances and citizens have the right to express their opinion freely and without discrimination, in meetings, assemblies, using television, radio, press and other mass-media.

During the election campaign candidates are provided, without discrimination, adequate space to meet with voters. Spaces can be located in the town halls, schools, universities, houses of culture, cultural centers and cinema theaters, based on an understanding regarding the maintenance costs.

Under the law, organizing electoral campaign actions in military units is banned, as well as in schools and universities on the duration of lessons and courses.

The mayors are obliged that, until the start of the electoral campaign, to determine special locations for electoral advertising, given the number of political parties, political alliances and electoral alliances which have submitted lists of candidates, candidates for mayoralty, as well as independent candidates.

These facilities shall be located in areas frequented by citizens, without hampering traffic on public roads and other activities in their localities, being forbidden the use by a political party of the special billboard assigned places which might prevent their use by some other political formations.

On an electoral billboard, each political party or independent candidate can only display just one election poster, and posters that combine colors or other graphic signs in order to evoke the national symbols of Romania or of another state are banned.

Local police ensures the integrity and legality of placed electoral billboards and posters, and in the administrative units where the local police is not in place the integrity of electoral billboards and posters, legally placed, is provided by the law enforcement bodies of the Ministry of Administration and Interior.


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14. May - 20. May 2012.