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Albanian PM: Investors need good laws, good infrastructure and services.

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Albania will avert economic crisis because of 3 reasons: low fiscal burden on the business; downsizing public sector which is not a burden on the taxpayers; strategic investments in infrastructure, all in function of business

BiH CEC made decision on holding general election on October 3 2010

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Central Election Commission BiH has made today Decision on announcing and holding general election in BiH in 2010. The elections will be held on Sunday, October 3rd.

Croatia and Serbia to set up regional centre for fight against organised crime

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Croatian and Serbian Ministers of the Interior Tomislav Karamarko and Ivica Dacic have announced the establishment of a regional centre for the fight against organised crime as a new form of cooperation between the police forces of the two countries in a clampdown on organised

Slovenian referendum campaign begins

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A 30-day campaign began in Slovenia on Friday in which political parties and associations will state their position on a border arbitration agreement with Croatia ahead of a referendum scheduled for June 6.

Britain: Election returns no majority

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Britain's opposition Conservatives said Friday they would try to form a government with the smaller Liberal Democrats after winning the most seats in the closest parliamentary election in a generation.

German parliament approves Greek rescue

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The German parliament approved Berlin's share of the rescue package for debt-laden Greece after a boisterous debate Friday in which the finance minister told lawmakers they had no alternative to the unpopular measure.

The Economist: The region may share in some of Greece’s pain

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Averting a meltdown in Greece, at least temporarily, is good news for that country’s fragile ex-communist neighbours, the Economist reads.

European Entrepreneurship Day marked in Bitola

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The European Day of the Entrepreneur was marked Friday in Bitola by the Preda regional foundation by holding a promotion of industrial zones in the region of Pelagonija.

IMF mission extends stay in Romania till May 9

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The fourth visiting mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)will extend its stay in Bucharest until May 9.


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