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A much needed post Dayton European future still possible for Bosnia-Hercegovina

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Bosnian elections face an old challenge and an ever-lasting riddle. Respect ethnic sensitivities in a complex Dayton constitution today in force or form a unitary state in a civil post-Dayton process?

Bosnia and Herzegovina: At long last, the people speak

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On October 3, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will vote in country-wide elections, choosing their political representatives and, with that choice, their country’s future. Will they vote for more of the same, or change? Nationalism, or reconciliation? Education reform?

Inzko: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s No 1 priority

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The no 1 priority for Bosnia and Herzegovina these days is that citizens on Sunday go out and vote. Voting is one of the most powerful tools citizens have to influence their country’s and their own future.


27. September - 03. October 2010.