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Serb products enter with “UNMIK/Kosovo” inscription

21. October 2010. | 11:59

Source: Koha Ditore

Koha Ditore writes that not only does Serbia block Kosovo products but it imports its own products to Kosovo with the “UNMIK/Kosovo” inscription.

Koha Ditore writes that not only does Serbia block Kosovo products but it imports its own products to Kosovo with the “UNMIK/Kosovo” inscription.

Kosovo importers say this is done based on the CEFTA agreement signed by UNMIK on behalf of Kosovo.


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21. October 2010. 13:17:50

| jeff


it would be funny anyway if the only thing the albanians export (heroine) would have an “UNMIK/Kosovo” inscription...

21. October 2010. 14:06:58

| Dragan


Long live huligan Serbia.

21. October 2010. 18:40:05

| Ime


Serbia is blocking products Labelled "republic of Kosovo" which the right thing to do. If producers in Kosovo label their products UNMIK/Kosovo...they will not be blocked, its Thaci & co that are shooting their local producers in the foot by not abiding to resolution 1244. The journalistic quality of this article is mediocre at best.

21. October 2010. 23:08:44

| ante


This won't go on for long.

22. October 2010. 10:32:28

| lme


an act of desperation on serbia's part.

economically speaking, serbia already, bailed on kosovo's debt in regards to the IMF.

Intersting how there isnt the slightest bit of interest from serbia in demanding it be held accountable for kosovo's debt...considering they are of the laughable opinion that kosovo is serbia.

serbia has long since lost kosovo, and these acts are harmfull to the citizens of kosovo, serb and albanian alike. as it is, serbia has no legal or moral authority in or out of kosovo and must depend on political games to inflict harm.

and thats all it is.

the irony of it all... is that the one thing everyone agrees on is that products from kosovo cannot be labeled as being from serbia.


25. October - 31. October 2010.