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Tadic: Kosovo Albanians do not accept Serbia, Serbs do not accept Kosovo

28. March 2011. | 07:26

Source: Tanjug

Serbian President Boris Tadic stated in Brussels Sunday that any agreement reached with Kosovo must be based on the reality in the field, and the reality is that the Kosovo Albanians will never accept the sovereignty of Serbia, just like Serbs in the North of the province will never accept the sovereignty of Kosovo.

Serbian President Boris Tadic stated in Brussels Sunday that any agreement reached with Kosovo must be based on the reality in the field, and the reality is that the Kosovo Albanians will never accept the sovereignty of Serbia, just like Serbs in the North of the province will never accept the sovereignty of Kosovo.

Taking part in the panel discussion 'Bringing the Balkans into Europe', held in the scope of the Brussels Forum, Tadic pointed out that, due to such reality in Kosovo, the Belgrade-Pristina started with certain technical and concrete solutions that should facilitate the everyday life, so as to gradually come to the solving of more difficult issues.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic, Deputy Director General for Enlargement at the European Commission Stefano Sannino, and U.S. Congressman Michael Turner also took part in the panel discussion, but it was Tadic who drew the most attention and questions, which were mainly about Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).

When asked what can be done to make the Serbs in Kosovo feel at home, Tadic responded: "If you ask Serbs if they are Kosovars, they will tell you: No, we are Serbs."

When asked if Belgrade sees the Pristina side of the dialogue as Kosovo or the U.S., Tadic said that Belgrade sees Kosovo Albanians, but also feels the influence of others.

My intention is for a historical conflict to be resolved, Tadic said. "Serbia is trying to solve a historical conflict between the Serbs and Albanians which has lasted for 100 years with a compromise, so as not to have one side that is losing everything and the other side that is getting everything," he added.

When asked if the Serbian policy is contradictory, taking into account that Serbia marks the anniversary of the NATO bombing in 1999 and that the Serbian and Republika Srpska governments hold joint sessions, Tadic responded that Serbia will continue marking the anniversary of the beginning of NATO bombing.

"Our country was bombed, children were killed. Any normal country would mark that and Serbia will continue doing so," Tadic pointed out.

When it comes to RS, Tadic reiterated that cooperation between Belgrade and Banja Luka is completely in accordance with the Dayton Peace Accords. "Be sure that Serbia will do nothing that would negatively affect BiH's territorial integrity, and neither will Croatia. We are the guarantors of the Dayton Accords," he emphasized.

"Serbia does not have the influence it had at the time of (Slobodan) Milosevic, it is precisely what we are trying to avoid. The main thing Serbia is doing when it comes to BiH is preserving the country's integrity," Tadic underscored.


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28. March 2011. 14:45:26

| Adamnyc


there is a difference that serbia would very much like to forget.

as serbs began to turn what yugoslavia was into a defacto greater serbia, triggering yugoslavias breakup. They started by robbing kosovo of all of its rights, powers and representation in the nation... to the cheers of serbs of kosovo who like to pretend they were hapless bystanders of milosovics madness... it was quite easy for them to accept an apartheid state in wich they were on top of the food chain.

Kosovo today, cherry picks and giftwraps to serbs each and every one of rights, powers and representation in the nation that they stole from albanians...and then some.

but it is still not enough, equality is something to be abhorred for these failed perpetrators.

and that is the only reality, it is inconceivable that serbs will be able to negotiate a theft, where force and violence have already failed.

28. March 2011. 22:03:37

| evanyc


Kosovo is stolen from Serbia and Serbs. There are over 200 thousand internally displaced Serbs from Kosovo, expelled by Albanians after NATO occupied the region. There will be no way that Serbia will allow the creation of "greater Albania" which is what certain circles in USA and EU are working on.

Serbs will negotiate what is theirs so impostors like Adamnyc won't be able to write pamphlets and propaganda rubbish on this and other forums.

28. March 2011. 22:03:37

| Ime


Tadic seems to be a car dealer,but beware,he is selling a car he doesnt own...My english is not perfect,would anybody find a definition...?!

29. March 2011. 10:04:39

| reader


@ evanyc..."Kosovo is stolen from Serbia and Serbs."

First, I'm really curious to know in which history book have you read that Kosovo, at any point in time was Serbia's??? Second, why is it so painful for Serbia to admit, acknowledge and finally APOLOGIZE for the heinous crimes they committed...crimes against humanity!!! Did you forget already?? Prior to discuss such matters, Serbs need to wash the blood they got on their hands which has planted much hatred in people. Still to this day mass graves are being found!!!
Lastly, there is no benefit in using inflaming language and being stubborn for something that is buried deep long ago...

29. March 2011. 15:14:55

| Lazar


The Yugoslav government provided albanians with a better life in kosovo (part of yugoslavia) than in Albania. The Yugoslav including Serbian people took you in! You then show disrespect. The KLA a terrorist organisation cowardly attacks Serb civilians with the hope of sparking a civil war! If you don't like it go back to Albania! For Adam- Serbia did not spark a war! are you normal! Who decided to go independant without considering ALL population! Izabegovic started the war in Bosnia, Tudjman started the war in Croatia! History shows any aim for independance will end in bloodshed! @reader you are brainwashed! really cant teach an old dog new tricks

29. March 2011. 17:28:16

| X


Well, I'm really not fund of these nationalistic discussions,anyway, pretending all around you to be wrong, and you to be the only one right, even if you are a nation, seems somehow to me a very narrow megalomania which I believe was nourished during the last century. I believe Serbia experienced a nearly-empire day dream and still does not want to wake up and face the reality. there is a series of international decisions which have permanently decided what will be the official borders of Serbia. To give an end to my opinion, as everyone of us is trying to be part of a united Europe, I see it pitiful continuing to be part of this nonsense of greater this and that. On the other side, taking responsibilities as representatives of ones state is the only road to a proper integration in this greater Europe.

29. March 2011. 21:58:03

| zoran-smederevo


Who knows serbians better than those who lived violently with them.Thay all know that they are a gipsy nation that came fron russian carpathian mountains.On my opinion they are the most uncivilized people in the world.No one likes to live with them even those who speak the same language and have the same tradition.they liled more then three hundred thousand inocent peoplein Bosnia,old,young children,even pregnant women,violated young women.They were the initiators of all wars in ex yougoslavia starting from slovenia ,croatia bosnia and ended it in kosovo.


05. September - 11. September 2011.