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Serbia will never recognise unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo

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Head of the Serbian government’s team for dialogue with Pristina Borislav Stefanovic stated yesterday that Friday's agreement made between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels is fully in accordance with the Constitution and national interests of Serbia.

State team for emergency situations to hold session

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 Ivica Dacic will chair a session of the State team for emergency situations at the Hall “Belgrade”, the Palace of Serbia.

ACTA not contemplated by or sent to government for adoption

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The Ministry of Education and Science, responding to incorrect information in the media about Serbia’s accession to the ACTA agreement, stated that this agreement has not been contemplated by the relevant ministry, nor sent to the government for adoption.

Text of Kosovo's regional representation agreement

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The last round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue in Brussels yielded an agreement of the following content:

Dacic: Arrests near Gnjilane are provocation

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Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed in Belgrade on Saturday that four members of the Serbian police (MUP) and one more person were arrested near Gnjilane, eastern Kosovo, qualifying it as Pristina's provocation, and announcing reciprocity measures unless the situation

Emergency measures lifted in entire Serbia

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The government lifted the emergency measures upon proposal of Serbia's Emergency Situation Headquarters, which formed Sunday an operative-expert team for monitoring of landslides which is to alleviate the possible consequences.


20. February - 26. February 2012.