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Serbia to promote cooperation with Angola

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said Tuesday at a meeting with Minister of National Defence of Angola Candido Pereira Van-Dunem that Serbia is very interested in promoting bilateral cooperation with Angola in all segments.

EULEX: Illegal acts in north lead to arrests

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 EULEX spokesman Blerim Krasnici said Tuesday that unconditional freedom of movement should exist on the whole territory of Kosovo-Metohija, especially in the north, and cautioned that illegal acts in that part of the province can lead to arrests.

Security situation in Zvecan deteriorates

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The security situation in Zvecan municipality (northern Kosovo) has deteriorated and special units of the Kosovo police ROSU and other armed persons have been seen as patrolling the area after the removal of roadblocks in Rudare, it was said at Tuesday's extraordinary session

Tanjug-BIRODI: Pre-election promises made lightly hard to fulfil

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Parties in the electoral campaign made promises lightly and it seems that the future government will have problems when it comes to their fulfilment, concluded the participants at the panel staged by Tanjug news agency and the Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI).

Tabakovic presents SNS government programme

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Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Vice President Jorgovanka Tabakovic presented on Tuesday the programme the SNS would follow if it formed the government, which would comprise 12 ministries and 2 offices, one for Kosovo and the other for the Serbs living abroad.

No full democratic control of security sector

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Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic has said that even security experts are surprised by the amount of encroaching on the privacy of people's communications.

Economists: Reforms or exchange rate at RSD 125

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Foreign exchange reserves will continue to drop unless reforms are carried out, and the exchange rate would reach RSD 125 by the end of the year, while inflation would total between 9 and 10 percent, experts of the Economic Institute warned on Tuesday.

Serbia should cut budget deficit and public debt

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The Fiscal Council has given useful advice to that end, but it is up to the future government to implement those or other measures with the same goal, World Bank experts stated on Tuesday.

Green economy can employ 50,000 people

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, a conference on the green economy was held in Belgrade on Tuesday under slogan 'Green World - Green Serbia'.

Stojan Stamenkovic: Every day without govt. costs much

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Economist Stojan Stamenkovic said Tuesday that every new day of delay in forming the Serbian government cost the country very much.

KFOR increases presence at Mitrovica bridge

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 The number of KFOR troops has increased in Kosovska Mitrovica near the eastern bridge on the Ibar River, which separates the northern - Serb, from the southern - Albanian part of the town, a Tanjug's reporter on the scene said.

Dinar up 0.6 percent, RSD 116.64 for one euro

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The Serbian dinar strengthened for the second day in a row Wednesday, going up 0.6 percent to an official middle exchange rate of RSD 116.6429 for one euro, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has announced.

Tadic: We are close to formation of majority

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Boris Tadic, leader of the Democratic Party (DS), informed Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday that the coalition gathered around the DS is close to formation of the parliamentary majority, and that in a few days he will notify Nikolic once it gets fully formed.

Tadic: Danieli, Baldieri postpone investments

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Leader of the Democratic Party Boris Tadic stated Wednesday that Italian companies Danieli and Alessandro Baldieri have postponed their investments in Serbia until further notice after the elections in Serbia, which he said is very bad news.

EMG's editorial staff and TV Avala's employees on strike, Pravda suspends its edition

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Ekonom:east Magazin's editorial staff and TV Avala's employees on strike, Pravda daily stops its print edition.


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