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Greece: Riot police break workers' blockade of Acropolis Parliament resolution condemns war crimes against Serbs Security situation in Serbia is stable Omer Karabeg announced Winner of Dr. Erhard Busek-SEEMO 2010 Award for Better Understanding in SEE European Parliament Journalism Prize awarded to Polish, Swedish, Hungarian and British journalists Greece: Air Traffic Controllers strike on Sunday Piraeus Bank buys 8.9% in Hellenic Seaways for 31 mln euros Digital Agenda: household survey reveals more Europeans on-line but concerned about costs and security Prime Ministers Boc, Orban open Arad-Szeged pipeline on Thursday Gray economy 10% of Bulgaria's 2010 GDP Danube River not polluted in Bulgarian sector CIK starts investigation on invalid ballots and suspicious information First international fine food fair CULINARIA successfully held in Belgrade Macedonian Faculty of Dramatic Arts opens post-graduate studies 8th Microsoft's Vision Conference takes place in FYRMacedonia Clinton: US will continue to support civil society in Serbia Karanovic to open medicine, dentistry exposition “MediDent 2010” Djelic to attend “Introducing cleaner production and boosting energy efficiency” event Sutanovac on two-day visit to Brussels Jeremic and Frattini on events in Genoa UEFA statement on Italy-Serbia incidents Dacic says Italian police made major omission Djelic announces ban on extremist groups

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New provisions for the framework for implementation of monetary policy in the euro area

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The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has adopted Guideline ECB/2010/13, amending Guideline ECB/2000/7 on monetary policy instruments and procedures of the Eurosystem.The new provisions will apply as from Sunday, 10 October 2010.

Day of Silence’ announced in Russia before common election day

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As many as 77 Russian constituent regions will hold 7,900 elections at various levels on October 10. The number of nominated candidates topped for the first time the 100,000 level, totalling over 109,000 people, or twice as many as the number of seats to be replaced.


04. October - 10. October 2010.