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Stefanovic: Real problems have priority in Kosovo talks EBRD approves loan for three transport companies in Sofia Prime Minister Thaci gets promises for new recognitions of the state of Kosovo Food parcels for vulnerable population in Kosovo-Metohija Ljimaj summoned before Prosecutor's Office over war crime charges Elderly Serb couple attacked in their home in Kosovo-Metohija Bogdanovic opens sports hall in Leposavic CEI ministerial conference Stefanovic to visit Slovenia Government adopts measures for boosting employment Jeremic asks for support to Serbia's initiative UNMIK Chief calls for organ trafficking investigation Strengthening the Recovery for Europe

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“Christ is Risen!”

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The occurrences and events of our time may not seem to justify the exultation of our greeting. The natural destruction caused by seismic tremors and oceanic swells, together with the lurking devastation from possible nuclear explosion, as well as the human sacrifices resulting

Orthodox Church leaders' messages

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The leaders of the Orthodox Churches issued Easter messages calling for peace and love, and underlining the tragedies and injustices faced throughout the world.

Pope Benedict XVI answers questions on special television broadcast

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The pre-recorded program for "In His Image", broadcast on the Italian RAI Uno station, showed the pope replying to seven questions submitted from around the world, that included a young Japanese girl, a Muslim mother from the Ivory Coast and seven Christian students

Holy Fire to arrive in Moscow on Saturday

07:55 | broj komentara 0 | Ria Novosti

The Holy Fire that is lit every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem on the day preceding Orthodox Easter is believed by Orthodox Christians to be a miracle.

72 demonstrators killed, 200 others injured in Syria

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The number of demonstrators killed in Syria on Friday has grown to 72. Most of them were victims of a crackdown on anti-government protests in Homs, Dera'a and the suburbs of Damascus. More than 200 others were injured.


18. April - 24. April 2011.