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Sali Berisha: The Albanians can build their European ideals, wherever they are

23. July 2010. | 10:04

Source: EMGportal

Prime Minister Sali Berisha hailed yesterday during a press conference the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on Kosova Independence.

Premier Berisha: I hail the ruling of the highest international jury, The Hague ICJ on Kosova Independence.

The Hague court affirmed to the citizens of the world that Kosova Independence conforms to the international right; it is consistent with the rules, resolutions and the regulations the UNO and the Security Council have already approved on Kosova.

This is an historic verdict and a major contribution for peace and stability in the Balkans and over a wider area.

After much deliberation the jury confirmed that the declaration of the independence was inevitable and an inalienable right of the representatives of the people of Kosova.

This verdict consists of the greatest reward and deepest gratitude to all those who through their sublime sacrifice and their strivings paved the way to Kosova Independence, the great friends and the free world which recognized the independent state of Kosova and brought about its liberation.

On the other hand, the ruling also implies a rejection of all treaties concluded on the Albanian nation inflicting pain, suffering and sacrifice.

The Hague verdict also consists of a great encouragement for the Albanians so that they get committed to building and consolidation of peace, regional stability and cooperation; and although separated into 3-4 states the Albanians can build their European ideals, wherever they are, by great determination being in their most vital national interest.

Also I believe that The Hague verdict makes a major contribution toward fresh relations between the Albanians and the Serbs, two important nations for the region which irrespective of the print history now have the European ideal in common.

In this context, the government of Albania is determined to make its contribution for opening a fresh chapter in the history of relations between the Serbs and the Albanians and the relations between Tirana and Belgrade as well as to help in the relations between Prishtina and Belgrade.

The verdict consists not only a major international obligation, but even an excellent basis on which can be built the relations of goof trust and cooperation while having as their target the building of the European ideals of the Albanians, the Serbs and all the citizens of the region.

On this occasion, I would like to congratulate Kosova citizens and its political leadership. Likewise, I greet with much gratitude all the friendly countries which produced the relevant documents- the USA in particular- helped the jury at The Hague in taking this great historic decision for the international right.

Hence, let us make every effort for promoting July 22 into a day of peace, inspiration for cooperation, good understanding, friendship and joint efforts for the European future.


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