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B&H is the poorest country in the region

24. May 2011. | 08:00

Source: BH Daily News

About 60 percent of pensioners in BiH suffer from extreme poverty, whilst 215 000 pensioners receive less than 300 KM a month.

About 60 percent of pensioners in BiH suffer from extreme poverty, whilst 215 000 pensioners receive less than 300 KM a month.

20 000 citizens survive on one meal a day from the National Kitchen and as many as 700 000 live below the poverty line, which includes all of those who have less than 240 KM a month.

This information is derived from the Commission titled 'Justice and Peace', at the Bishops Conference BiH about the human rights in BiH held in 2010.

BiH citizens are living worse than their regional neighbors. An average Slovenian monthly earns 1900 KM, a Croatian 1300 KM, and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina monthly earn an average of 782 km.

Every fifth citizen of BiH lives on three KM a day, the report said.

It added that in 2010 the unemployment rate was higher than 27 percent.

Steady reduction in wages, increasing prices of food and beverages, unrealistic energy prices, high interest rates, characterize BiH.

It was concluded that the social protection system in BiH is divided into 13 almost independent systems with negligible coordination among themselves.

It is estimated that 10 percent of BiH's population is unable to work, and thereby have no social and health insurance.


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