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Dacic for demarcation between Serbs, Albanians in Kosovo

04. October 2011. | 09:22

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Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Oct. 3 that Serbia would not sit idly by if the government of Kosovo employed force against Serbs in the northern part of that territory.

Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said on Oct. 3 that Serbia would not sit idly by if the government of Kosovo employed force against Serbs in the northern part of that territory.

"Do we want a new war now? We do not," Dacic told reporters at an economic summit in Belgrade, adding that it was a fact that there are "two Kosovos" -- Serbian and ethnic Albanian.

Dacic was responding to an address by Austrian state secretary Wolfgang Waldner, who placed blame on extremist Serbs in northern Kosovo as the main driving force behind the crisis. Dacic told reporters that he had to react and that it was unacceptable for an Austrian to hold forth in Belgrade about Serbs causing the crisis.

He said Serbia did not want ethnic division, but that, in his words, taking Serbia apart opened Pandora's box, and that an international conference was now necessary for a peaceful demarcation of Kosovo.

Earlier, at the opening of the summit, he said full membership in the European Union remained Serbia's utmost priority, not only in the aim of economic prosperity, but also for the values Serbia shares with Europe.


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04. October 2011. 14:16:28

| Skippy


Sounds like hot air.

" . . but also for the values Serbia shares with Europe."

And what are these?
Europe has no values at all when it comes to justice for Serbia.
This should be painfully obvious to any Serb.

The Kosovo Albanians, with Nato, have cut out Serbia's heart, and yet officials like Dacic are begging the EU ( Nato in another hat ) to take her soul as well.
What else is there? They've already sold her heroes.

04. October 2011. 17:03:36

| kiko


Why does a state have to spend 600m Euros each year to keep the K. Serbian population under their control? I believe that money could have been better used to build schools & roads for the locals then to have politicians pocket that money.

I think Belgrades priorities have been misproperly guided for almost a century now when it comes to Kosovo. It lives in the past and without that funding all Serbs would leave Kosovo. What kind of patriotism is that?

How can you say its your heart Skippy when majority of Serbs have never visited the area or don't care to visit their own heartland? Only the politicians, nationalists, and Clergy use it to stir up sentimental feelings and cause divide amongst the people.

Serbia says Kosovo is its territory but is only concerned with the Serbs. What about the other ethnic groups? Does it care about them? I believe not. They wish they could bring Milosevic back and wished his plan of expulstion had succeded.

If the country is truly democratic then fight for everyone's rights and not just your kin folk. For if that is the aim of the state then it has a long way to go before it becomes a democratic state and its slowly showing its true colors. Its either all are equal under the law or none!

Peace is the only way and equality! If Serbia's politician or people can't get a grip on that then Serbia is dooming itself. Its the 21st century folks and not the 12-20th centuries. WAKE UP!

05. October 2011. 07:17:47

| Ridiculous


I find it ridiculous that this issue is still being discussed in terms of extremism and nationalism. It is clearly an issue of human rights. Albanian majority regions were given the fundamental right of self government, and Serbians in Kosovo were stripped of it. Anything that happens in between can be called what you like, but the people living their now should be given the right to decide what form of representation they require. It appears they have clearly chosen to remain under the jurisdiction of Belgrade, not Pristina. Since they have had no one physically preventing this in the past, they have de-facto been part of Serbia since WW1. That we must send foreign troops to try to "peacefully" change the status quo indicates that there is something wrong with the international community's policy. It appears that in the absence of foreign troops, the Kosovo Albanian Army could potentially end up committing massacres and ethnic cleansing, and that this is the real threat that the international community is trying avert. However, saying so would again show a problem with the policy, and god forbid men and women started admitting their mistakes.

05. October 2011. 07:17:47

| serb



you are truly a mis guided and not very inteligent person when it comes to this subject. Serbs were expelled out of Kosovo during Titos communist rule...they did not leave by will but by force. First from the Nazis then the commis and albanians and now the western powers. If being a EU nation means selling our soul then no thanks...

06. October 2011. 07:19:52

| kiko



You say Tito expelled the Serbs from Kosovo? And who was in power during the communist era in Kosovo? Serbs and definately NOT ALBANIANS! And Rankovic what did he do to Albanians in Kosovo? You mean to tell me no Albanian was mistreated or expelled from Kosovo during the communist era or his reign of UDBA? It was a state sponsored policy that was exceptable to all but Albanians. And the expulsion of Albanians didn't just start with Milosevic its been a state policy for over a century prior to Milosevic. Read up on your history and books on how to expell Albanians from Kosovo!.

Its a pathetic excuse to use Tito as a scape goat to the decline of Serbs in Kosovo. Ask any Serb in Kosovo if they would rather live in Serbia proper then in Kosovo? The answer would be yes because THERE ARE MORE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES! It has nothing to do with the Albanian population in the majority of cases.

You have a priest from the orthodox church that embezzled money (Serbian STATE money or should I say TAX PAYERS MONEY)while supposedly fixing up the churches. SAD!

You mentioned Tito, and why was there a specific state plan to repopulate Kosovo with Serbs after WWII that was implemented. None of them wanted to stay bc there isn't much there. And after the 1998-9 war there is enough news footage showing SERBS leaving Kosovo leaving willfully with the rest of the Serb army convoys in tractors and cars that spanned miles. No Albanian kicked them out. They left on their own. Yes fear is a factor for them leaving, but why were they fearful? The ones that stayed had nothing to fear bc they never belonged to the Milosevic regime. South of the Ibar Serbs seem to be getting along pretty well with the other locals.

So Tito didn't expell the Serbs, nor did the communists, nor did the Albanians, and the Western powers are not expelling them either. So please don't insult my intelligence!

There are a lot of factors/variables in Kosovo of why Serbs left but the biggest factor is ECONOMICS! If a college student graduates and can't find a job he will move to wherever there is a job. With over 40% unemployment I don't believe you can entice any Serb, Roma, Albanian, Montenegren, or Ashkali to live there. If they were given the oppourtunity the majority of the people in Kosovo would leave Kosovo in a Heart Beat. That's reality.

You have politicians who live comfortable in Belgrade that talk big talk about ripping their heartland when they don't even go on vacation to visit their heartland. Just the Tourism of 7 million Serbs would boost Kosovo's economy but again Kosovo is a mythological heartland where ppl talk but don't really care about the damn place except for the MINERALS IN THE GROUND THAT ARE WORTH BILLIONS!

The people are just in the way be it any ethnicity!

06. October 2011. 07:19:52

| Ridiculous


In response to Kiko:

Belgrade is "funding" Serbs in Kosovo because Serbs in Kosovo need funding to survive and maintain their very limited freedoms. The international community "funds" far less noble causes, as does the government in Belgrade. If you are concerned simply about the economic impact of funding Kosovo Serbs, you should start looking at the rest of Serbia and how money is being spent there. As for corruption being present wherever there is money exchanging hands - good morning Columbus.
In terms of calling Kosovo a heart, I'm glad to say my heart as well as Skippy's heart are probably still within our chests (probably beating a little quicker). However, a more equitable outcome should be desired by any normal human being who knows anything about the Kosovo situation, and the plight of Serbian communities within Kosovo. The fact that people use words to incite action in this respect is nothing new, and marginally effective. The policy that ends up dictating the results will have little or nothing to do with popular sentiments.
Serbia's interest in Serbs in particular does not mean that they are not interested in helping any other resident of Kosovo. It is in all probability a testament to the fact that the pro-Serbia Albanian or Bosniak lobbies are either disorganized or non-existent. I won't even entertain the comment about "bringing Milosevic back."
Peace, freedom and prosperity for all should be the goals of any government. These days though I see little of these ideas being promoted into action in any country, let alone in a tiny and weak country like Serbia.
For everyone out there - chill out. The forces at play in the world today are not even remotely adjustable without proper representation, and humans in general today are poorly represented. Your battles should be fought in your communities. Fight for proper representation and you'll be able to start thinking about making a difference in geopolitical events.

06. October 2011. 07:19:52



Dacic said "the values Serbia shares with Europe". What Europe is he talking about? Belarus and Russia perhaps.

On Sunday, Dacic abrogated all freedom of speech, petition, protest, assembly and association for minorities in the Serbian Capital (Gays).

Dacic cannot (or will not) protect minorities in his own capital from marauding bands of violent Serbs. His police force is colluding with extremists dedicated to the banning of basic human rights for Gay people (Dveri). How can Serbia credibly be trusted with control over Kosovar interests in Mitrovica?

Serbia is a failed state overrun by violent thugs dedicated to the violation of basic freedom of minorities. Dacic can't police Belgrade. He can't be trusted to police Mitrovica

07. October 2011. 21:27:20



You know, I think the reason the balkans has looked like an elementary school yard for the last 20 years is because of the 15 year olds that having been running the internet discussions on the topic for the last 20 years.
As for the policing of Mitrovica being related to a gay pride march in Belgrade, I'd like an explanation about the similarities (if any) and how you generalized the one to the other. Oh, and when you've done a good job of making the link, we'll then compare the Pristina gay pride parade with the one in Belgrade.

There can be no


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