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Global Economic Outlook: Recovery is gaining pace and confidence is growing

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While emerging economies have recovered strongly, developed countries are also on the rebound With additional public sector stimulus unlikely, the private sector should fuel growth through investment The G20 agenda must be sensitive to the concerns of countries that are not members

Chancellor Merkel warns against complacency about risks of future financial crisis

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Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel warned participants at the World Economic Forum against complacency about the risks of a further financial crisis, saying that all the international mechanisms needed to prevent another crash are not yet in place.

Attack at Domodedovo airport committed by North Caucasian native

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The suicide bomber who set off the explosive device is identified -- it is a 20-year-old native of a North Caucasian republic, the Investigation Committee’s spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

Mubarak names Former Air Force Chief as new Egyptian PM

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Egypt’s former air force chief and minister for civil aviation, Ahmed Shafiq, has been designated the new prime minister by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and tasked to form the next Cabinet, Al Jazeera reported Jan. 29.

Chaos spreads in Egypt revolt

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24. January - 30. January 2011.