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Preduzeće (Enterprise) became a new member of Ekonom:east Media Group’s family of publications in September 2007. The magazine has been published for the last five years, but after entering the EMG system, Preduzeće experienced a complete visual and conceptual overhaul. Today, Preduzeće is a modern monthly edition printed on high quality paper, with a sophisticated design and dynamic content.

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After Preduzeće joined the EMG family, the edition became the most relevant magazine targeting owners of small and middle-sized companies and entrepreneurs. The aim of the magazine is to inform and educate, to reveal various possibilities for developing business in Serbia and the best ways to overcome difficulties once it is started up.

Preduzeće identifies problems but, even more importantly, offers solutions to enterpreneurial challenges. Aside from EMG’s team of journalists, a number of expert associates write for our magazine. The editorship of Preduzeće Magazine is especially dedicated to promoting young experts in various fields of business by providing them with opportunities to publish their comments and analyses in our edition.

An issue of Preduzeće Magazine usually has two main topics, while the rest of the issue is dedicated to sections with the primary goal to convey new ideas to the readership.

Preduzeće is also an important source of information on the most relevant entrepreneurial trends, but also an opportunity for the government, state agencies and other institutions to inform themselves about general business trends.

The magazine also hopes to promote new ideas and start up various entrepreneurial initiatives. The readers are all people who posses an entrepreneurial spirit, whether they already own a company or are planning to start one up, as well as all professional managers and executives in the corporate sector.

The key value of Preduzeće Magazine is the precision and accuracy of information. Since Preduzeće is now a member of Ekonom:east Media Group, a renowned media system, readers can rest assured that their need for information will be met to the fullest, in line with the highest professional standards.