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Ekonom:east Magazine is an economic and political weekly of liberal orientation. Ekonom:east has built a reputation of a benchmark for business success and competence. Its loyal readership includes the entire business community of Serbia and the region, corporate managers, government representatives, economists and other active members of the community.

In the past eight years, Ekonomist has published interviews with numerous high profile figures, economic experts and key people in the government and political organisations in Serbia and the SEE region, as well as leaders of renowned world institutions.

Ekonom:east focuses on the economy in its narrow context as well as on all other aspects of social life, as they all have something in common with the economic concerns of all layers of society. In the same context, politics, as an important determinant of the business environment is a focal point in this publication.

Ekonomist was established in 1999 by a group of journalists gathered around NIP E press. Since 2004.  During the turbulent years that shook the entire region politically and economically, Ekonomist kept the highest standards of professional ethics and characteristic analytical abilities that has made it into one of the most respectable and relevant sources of information and opinion

Ekonomist intends to maintain this kind of independent, uncompormising, professional and expert outlook on its subject matter,in its editorial policy, while keeping a modern approach to various topics and trying to widen the agenda and issues addressed on its pages. We will strive to meet the needs of our readers and satisfy their interests, as well as to rise to the challenges of economic regionalization and globalization.

The credibility that Ekonom:east enjoys with its readers and among its peers was additionally confirmed by the 2007 ”Dušan Bogavac” award presented by the Serbian Independent Journalist Association (IJAS/NUNS) for ethics and courage in journalism.

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