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Annual Editions

TOP 300 is Ekonom:east Media Group’s traditional annual edition that ranks most successful companies in Serbia according to earnings, in each sector of the economy, fastest growth and other parameters. The edition also provides analyses of the ranking charts for each sector and overall in Serbian and English. Check out who is the best in Serbia!

BANKS AND INSURERS, AUDIT AND BROKERAGE FIRMS, LEASING COMPANIES is Ekonom:east Media Group’s edition that ranks the most successful companies in the Serbian financial sector. The edition also provides analyses and forecasts for the financial market. Check out who is the best in the Serbian financial sector!

TOP 300 EXPORTERS is a bilingual special edition published by Ekonom:east Media Group that ranks Serbia’s most successful exporters overall and in each sector of the economy. The edition also provides overall and sectoral analyses of the ranking tables, evaluates and forecasts Serbian export. Check out who are the best exporters in Serbia!

STOCK MARKET IN SERBIA – CHOSEN 50 is a special edition of Ekonom:east Media Group with key information and analyses on companies for the period 2004 – 2006, with sector analyses and company-to-company performance comparisons, macroeconomic indicators and projections for the entire Serbian stock market until 2010.

Check out our 50 picks in Serbian stock market!

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