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Bulgaria: Unemployment rises in Q2

24. August 2010. | 07:54

Source: BTA

The National Statistical Institute reported a growing number of people who have been out of job for
less than a year in the second quarter of 2010, year-on-year.

The National Statistical Institute reported a growing number of people who have been out of job for
less than a year in the second quarter of 2010, year-on-year.

They grew by 57.7 per cent to 193,900 jobless or 56.7 per cent of all unemployed.

In the same period, long-term unemployed (one year or over) grew by 48.8 per cent to 148,300 or 43.3 per cent of all unemployed.

Discouraged unemployed people in the 15-64 age brackets totalled 217,400 which is 46,400 more than this time in 2009.

There were a total of 342,200 unemployed people in Bulgaria in the second quarter , up by 119,600 from this time last year.

Unemployment grew more among men than it did among women: 10.5 per cent for men against 9.4 per cent for women.

There were 58,000 jobless in the 15-24 age brackets. Youth unemployment stands at 21.2 per cent (22 per cent for men and 20.1 per cent for women).


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