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Bulgaria: Situation along border checkpoints

29. August 2010. | 08:23

Source: Focus News Agency

The traffic through the border checkpoints of the Republic of Bulgaria is normal, FOCUS News Agency’s correspondents inform.

The traffic through the border checkpoints of the Republic of Bulgaria is normal, FOCUS News Agency’s correspondents inform.

There are no problems for freight vehicles to cross the Lesovo and Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoints.
In connection to the work done on the construction of Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat, the road between the Duty Free Zone and the village of Antimovo has been closed in both direction, the information office of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat reports.

Until August 20, when the construction works will be finalized, citizens should use encircling route from Vidin (to Koshava village): Novo Selo, Pokrayna, Antimovo. There is temporary reorganization of the traffic.

The Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed citizens of the Russian Federation residing in Bulgarian territory as tourists with short-term visas not to be imposed sanctions for default validity of their visa at Bulgarian checkpoints when leaving the country, the Border Police announced.

The decision comes in view of the wildfires that rage near Moscow. Airports in Moscow encounter problems with the flights due to incurred emergency situation in Moscow. There are considerable difficulties in landing of the oversea aircraft, including from Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, there are many Russian tourists from the affected areas.

All border crossings were informed of the decision, which will be in force for one month.

The Interior Ministry alarms drivers to be vigilant at the road sections with highest number of road accidents – the E-79 international road – in the sections of the villages of Dzherman, Usoyka, close to the carting track at the exit of the town of Blagoevgrad to Simitli, at the Kresna Gorge – Sandanski – the road fork to Marikostinovo – Kulata border checkpoint; Bansko – Ilinden border checkpoint.

There is risk of road accidents on the Burgas – Malko Tarnovo road to the border checkpoint at the Bulgarian-Turkish border over damaged road surface.

There is new organization in the traffic through the Kalotina border checkpoint. Cars with EU license plates and EU citizens, including Bulgarian vehicles, would pass through without receiving a single electronic card and won’t be required to stop and buy vignette stickers from the Road Permits and Fees Management office at the checkpoints. European citizens will have to buy vignette stickers upon entering the country, at the nearest gas stations.

There is also new organization in the traffic through Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint. Non-EU vehicles pass through three detached corridors. They will receive a single electronic card.

EU vehicles and citizens will pass without a single electronic card. They will be required to stop and buy vignette stickers from the Road Permits and Fees Management office at the checkpoints.

Bulgarian citizens traveling to Turkey are advised to use the Lesovo and Malko Tarnovo border checkpoints. Alternative routes of the Kapitan Andreevo – Kalotina border checkpoints are the rest crossings along the Bulgarian-Serbian border: Vrashka Chuka, Bregovo, Stezimirovtsi and Oltomantsi, or for Romania - through the Danube Bridge, and to Macedonia - through Gyueshevo border checkpoint.

The ‘one stop’ system has already been launched at the Promachonas border checkpoint. Crossing the border at Promachonas is now twice faster and easier.

Zlatograd – Thermes border checkpoint has been open for traffic.

Citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area are allowed to cross the border to Serbia only with their ID cards, which is valid for a stay of up to 90 days. Underage people cross the border with ID document (passport or other document).

Bulgarian Red Cross and Turkish Red Crescent launched joint pilot project themed ‘Provision of aid services to drivers and passengers in need travelling from Europe to Turkey, passing through Kapitan Andreevo and Kapikule border checkpoint’.

The project aims at providing assistance to drivers and passengers, as well as providing a bottle of mineral water, sanitary facilities and recreation.


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