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Fouere apologises for use of "state" instead of "Macedonian" language in EC report

11. November 2010. | 08:03

Source: MIA

Euro-ambassador Erwan Fouere apologised Wednesday in the Parliament for the misunderstanding due to the use of term "state" instead of "Macedonian" language in the EC Progress Report.

Euro-ambassador Erwan Fouere apologised Wednesday in the Parliament for the misunderstanding due to the use of term "state" instead of "Macedonian" language in the EC Progress Report.

MPs voiced remarks to Fouere during today's presentation of the document, stressing that such conduct by Brussels is discriminating and offensive for citizens, putting Greece in a better negotiating position.

"With regards to the language, which is addressed as state language, it was put to my attention by the President. We apologise for any misunderstanding. I want to assure you there is absolutely no change of the Brussels policy. If they ask me what is the country's language, I will say Macedonian language. I believe this is a pure misunderstanding. We take note of UN guidelines when it comes to this issue. Brussels is completely briefed on the sensitivity of this issue, since Brussels is the place where this report is compiled", said Fouere.

According to him, EU is not involved in altering the people's identity, since this is in the framework of its values.

"Identity is not something you can negotiate, it is something sacred for every individual and nation, and it should not be abused for partisan political interests", added Fouere.

President Gjorge Ivanov called on Euro-ambassador Erwan Fouere to provide clarifications why the European Commission Progress Report does not use term "Macedonian".

The European Commission and the European Parliament have used term "Macedonian" in a number of documents. Upon Greece's request, phrase "language of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" was introduced in a 2009 EP resolution. However, after the reaction from Macedonia, the final document contained term "Macedonian language", calling upon the UN practice, where the language is filed as "Macedonian".


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12. November 2010. 05:49:32

| Ime


Dear Erwan Fouere
Your post as EU Ambassador is of the highest importance, which is why I have taken time to applaud your work and achievements to date and wish you all the success in this role for the future as I know it will be tough and demanding.
Such a role as this requires someone with exceptional understanding of Cultural, Historical and Political European issues both past and present. I am confident in your various credentials, education and experience and that Europe is in capable hands.

I, as many before, currently and after me wish a Europe Free from borders, Free from disputes and United as one.
They say all Man is Created Equal.

My concern Ambassador if I may and I quote,
“The European Union is founded on ‘unity in diversity’: diversity of cultures, customs, beliefs and languages. Linguistic diversity is a particularly valuable feature of the European Union".


"Human rights, democracy and the rule of law are core values of the European Union. Embedded in its founding treaty, they have been reinforced by the adoption of a Charter of Fundamental Rights. Respect for human rights is a prerequisite for countries seeking to join the Union and a precondition for countries who have concluded trade and other agreements with it"

I hope that the two above statements are not empty meaningless words clustered together, but instead are the core foundations on which the EU is built upon?
And similarly what your current post stands on.
You see Ambassador, I am a 1st generation, Australian Macedonian. As much as I am part Australian I am also Macedonian and my roots are Macedonian.

The only EU member that does not recognize the Macedonian Language is Greece.
Hon. Leonard Orban, I believe you are a very smart man. Has no body asked the question? Why is Greece the only country with this problem? What does Greece know that the rest of Europe does not?

These are the questions that one needs to ask themselves with true honesty. For once this is done the truth will come out.

Greek documents dating from the 1920s certify the existing of the Macedonian language and its recognition by the then Greek state. Therefore Athens printed the "Abecedar", the Macedonian primer in 1925 to protect the rights of the ethnic Macedonians in Greece.

Yet in 2008, Greece tells you there are no Macedonians or a Macedonian language. Where have these people disappeared to that the primer was published for?

The EU should not allow one nation to dictate the terms of the community. The EU is bigger than one country. Policy should do its most utmost in trying to preserve Old Cultural Languages such as the Macedonian rather than standby and watch it disappear.

The two brothers, Cyril and Methodius the patron Saints of Europe who were born in Macedonia set up schools in Ohrid gave half of Europe its current written and spoken language. Do not get caught up in the Greek propaganda where they state both were Greek. If so, then why is Greek only spoken in Greece? Yet at the same time there are many nations in Europe who speak a language strikingly similar to the Macedonian of today.
At no time up until the partition of Macedonia in 1913 (Balkan war) did Greece (Est. 1830) ever occupy the land of Macedonia. And why would these two brothers if they were Greek, invent a new Alphabet to teach the rest of Europe. It would have been easier just to spread the word of God in their own mother tongue Greek and especially if what the Greeks say is correct that most of the known world spoke Greek too.

Hon.Erwan Fouere, it is clear to see that this did not happen as most spoke a different language from that of the Greeks whom have their current language format from the ancient Macedonian Koine.

Finally I want to thank you for your time to consider the issue above regarding the Macedonian Language and I am confident that you will find it in your heart to act upon the truth and along the lines of the core Human rights Principals.


08. November - 14. November 2010.