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Kosor: Zagreb won't withdraw genocide lawsuit against Serbia

26. September 2011. | 08:28

Source: Beta

The Croatian government will not drop its genocide suit against Serbia, Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said in Vukovar on Sept. 24.

The Croatian government will not drop its genocide suit against Serbia, Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said in Vukovar on Sept. 24.

"Such a decision can only be passed by the government and the Croatian cabinet will not do this,"Kosor stressed, who opened a memorial hall honoring the defenders of Borovo Naselje and Vukovar.

Kosor stressed that her cabinet always placed the issue of missing persons on the top of its agenda whenever holding talks with its neighbors.

"There are 999 Croatian defenders and civilians on the list of detained and missing persons from 1991 and 1992, and we have to resolve that," she added.

Kosor stressed that she would not respect statements that Croatia should not celebrate Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day on the anniversary of Operation Storm.


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27. September 2011. 07:23:00

| Ime


Good for you Ms. Kosor! Croatia was the victim of Serbian aggression and the wars fought in the 90's were fueled by Milosevic and his expansionist aims. Today Serbs from Croatia complain about their fate in the war and their just desserts but do they ever look at the folly of their logic? Do I need to point out that the Serbs were only 12% of the population and with the support of the JNA took 33% of Croatia by means of murder, rape, and terror? I implore anyone to explain to me how this was anything but aggression and occupation- a land grab in its purest manifestation! Over 2 million Germans from Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Baltics were forced to move to Germany after world war 2. Many if not most of these people were innocent or pawns of Hitler but their fate was determined by the mistakes of their fatherland. This precedent is unshakable. To ask the Poles and Czechs now to not celebrate their liberation on account of German feelings is ludicrous. The same applies to the situation in Croatia. Serbia earned her reputation as an aggressor and must reconcile with the guilt and the consequences. Defeated countries get to call no shots and they sure as he'll don't get to write the history books!


26. September - 02. October 2011.