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Moody's downgrades City of Athens debt rating

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Completing the review it commenced on May 10, Moody's said on Thursday that "Greek municipalities, including the city of Athens, are unlikely to have enough financial flexibility to enable their credit quality to be stronger than that of the sovereign itself".

Moody's downgrades ratings of eight Greek banks

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Moody's  downgraded National Bank of Greece (NBG), Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank to B3 from Ba3, Agricultural Bank (ATE) and Attica Bank to B3 from B1, and Emporiki Bank and General Bank of Greece (Geniki) to B1 from Baa3.

Croatia prepares for pope’s visit

08:32 08:38 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs, BH Daily News, Fena, Radio NET, B92

Croatia is implementing extensive security measures ahead of Pope Benedict XVI visit this weekend. According to Zagreb Police Administration Deputy Chief Mihael Varga, police performed security checks of about 10,000 citizens, seized about 1,000 pieces of weapon and welded about

“I offer my most cordial greetings to the beloved land of Croatia!”

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“It gives me great joy to come among you as a pilgrim in the name of Jesus Christ. I offer my most cordial greetings to the beloved land of Croatia, and as Saint Peter’s Successor I warmly embrace all its inhabitants” where Pope Benedict XVI’s first words


30. May - 05. June 2011.