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Fitch cuts Greece's rating to "restricted default"

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Fitch on Friday cut Greece's rating to "restricted default" over its debt swap deal, as expected, becoming the third of the three major rating agencies to slash Greece into default territory.

Greece: Participation in PSI passes 95 pct with help of CACs

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Greece said that it would activate collective action clauses (CACs), enforcing losses of about 75 percent on investors who refused to participate. This would take the total participation in the bond swap to 95.7 percent.

But: Slovenia will continue to support Serbia

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Slovenia has always been completely supportive of Serbia's bid to join the European Union and will continue to be so in the future, Slovenian Ambassador to Belgrade Franc But said in Gornji Milanovac, on March 7.

Georganta testifies in Parliament probe of alleged 'inflated' deficit

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The Parliamentary Committee investigating allegations that ELSTAT artificially inflated the public deficit for 2009 on Thursday heard testimony from the woman behind the allegations, former ELSTAT board member and econometrics professor Zoi Georganta.

Greece: Unemployment shoots to 21pct in Dec. 2011, unemployed exceed one million

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Unemployment in Greece shot to 21.0 percent in December 2011, up sharply from 14.8 percent in the same month in 2010 and up marginally from 20.9 percent in the preceding month of November, the independent Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) said on Thursday.

Riyasat of Islamic Community in BiH on draft of resolution of EP

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On the occasion of draft of the Resolution on BiH of Foreign Policy Board of the European Parliament, PR Office of Riyasat of the Islamic Community in BiH issued a public announcement stating that ''agreement of officials of political groups in the European Parliament on condemning

Sofia hosts international conference on employment

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The aim of the conference is to open different and more efficient ways for reaching economic stability and development of Bulgaria.

Croatia plans to join Schengen area in 2015

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Croatia plans to enter the Schengen free-travel area two years after joining the European Union, which is scheduled for mid-2013, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Thursday.

Croatia Airlines accuses trade unions of pushing it into financial ruin

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The national carrier Croatia Airlines said on Thursday that the trade unions were pushing the company into financial ruin by claiming that its safety and security standards were at risk.

Montenegrin Government prepares Contribution to EC's Spring Report, advances EU negotiation structure

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The Government has prepared the Contribution to the European Commission’s Spring Report on Montenegro’s progress in meeting the seven key requirements for the period 1 September 2011 – 1 March 2012, Chief Negotiator for EU accession Aleksandar Pejović told

HR Adviser Kojičić and CoE’s Gardetto: Legal and institutional anti-discrimination framework in Montenegro strengthened

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Anti-discrimination framework in Montenegro has been strengthened in the past year both legally and institutionally, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Protection from Discrimination Jovan Kojičić and rapporteur to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

Macedonia's Tourism Development Strategy up to 2015 adopted

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 Ministries and local self-government units by taking an array of measures and activities in the future will have to make efforts to attract as many tourists as possible in Macedonia and turn the country into an attractive tourist destination. Consequently, 4 to 5% of the

Governor: Romania’s Central Bank has money set aside for potential banking panics

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Romania’s Central Bank has put aside “a good percentage” from the monetary mass as a cash reserve for banking panics, such as those that occurred in the 90s, said Mugur Isarescu, the Governor of the Romanian Central Bank (BNR). “It is an essential feedstock,”


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