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Serbian govt buys out steel mill for USD 1

28. January 2012. | 22:35 07:24

Source: Tanjug

The Serbian government bought out the Smederevo steel mill from the US Steel company with the aim of maintaining production and preserving jobs for over 5,000 employees, Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic stated Friday evening.

The Serbian government bought out the Smederevo steel mill from the US Steel company with the aim of maintaining production and preserving jobs for over 5,000 employees, Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic stated Friday evening.

The government has no intention of being the owner for a long time, and in the period to come will focus on searching for a strategic partner, Cvetkovic told a news conference. The Serbian government obtained all of the steel mill's fixed assets and net working capital of over USD 100 million for a symbolic price of one US dollar, Cvetkovic said, adding that the company has no debts or loan commitments towards banks.

Cvetkovic announced that the agreement on the purchase of the Smederevo steel mill from US Steel will be signed on Tuesday, January 31. He said that the finding of a strategic partner will be easier if the factory continues operating, and does not go insolvent or bankrupt.

He pointed out that, with this move, the government demostrated social responsibility and gave support to one of the most significant companies in Serbia.

US Steel earlier stated that they are withdrawing from the Smederevo steel mill due to the consequences that the global economic crisis had for the world steel market, adding that there has been no misunderstandings whatsoever with the Serbian government.

Cvetkovic recalled that 5,400 people are employed at the steelworks, adding that another 20,000 are connected to its work. In addition, it is one of Serbia's largest exporters, which is why the government decided to play a proactive role in the solving of the company's problem, in order to preserve jobs and production, Cvetkovic underlined.

As of January 9, the factory employees are working four days a week, and are getting 60 percent of the salary for the fifth day.


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29. January 2012. 00:52:47

| Ime


The Genocide of Democracy by Western Countries should be addressed first, if tackling some of the Corruption and Incompetence is not to be doomed.

I provide evidence for the Evil Dictatorship in America that American Citizens will firstly have to confront and overcome if American Citizens wish to be serious about taking back Republic; and that the American Government will have to Confess to, if the American Government is to be taken seriously by its own Citizens.

We all wonder if Britain, America, and the NATO Modern Day Nazis of Europe will ever admit to the Kosovo Fraud.

Every Decent Person should just ask strangers, and e-mail everyone if they have heard of the Kosovo Fraud, until the words Kosovo Fraud become household words.

People should not be surprised because of the Kosovo fraud, because Western Governments and their Main Stream Media Allies constantly lie to their People.

1) Although all the right is seldom on one side, the Bribed and Corrupt Western Puppet Main Stream Media will present a war in stark terms of good and evil.

2) The side that America falsely claims is evil will be demonized, and its leader depicted as mad, bloodthirsty, subhuman, and a modern-day Hitler.

3) The side that America falsely claims to be good will be presented as the savoir of civilization, humanitarian, caring, and compassionate, and only forced to act because of the supposed barbarity of the other side.

4) The Bribed and Corrupted Western Media ignores the fact that there are atrocities by all sides in all wars, and old atrocity stories will be dusted off and recycled.

Some of those stories will be true, but many will be false, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to tell while the war is on which are true and which are propaganda, because truth is the first casualty of war.

After the war, although some of the atrocity stories will be confirmed, there will be a retreat from many of the most outrageous ones.

In the case of the Kosovo war, we are waiting for some acknowledgment from the Bribed and Corrupted Main Stream Media that they were wrong if genuine, but lying if they were Corrupt, but the honest Confess, but the Corrupt will only Confess very reluctantly.

After endless horror stories illustrated with fantastically high death tolls of 100,000 were aired day after day on CNN, when will we hear a retraction?

Christiane Amanpour repeated her husband’s lies with a perfectly straight face: tens of thousands slaughtered, we were told, and she repeated the lies that the Al-Qaeda murderous drug-dealing KLA were really freedom fighters, and the Albanian equivalent of George Washington and his Continental Army.

The Bribed and Corrupted Lying Western Journalists reacted much as we excepted; and they put on a bold face and were furiously defensive and unrepentant.

Usually, the truth about what has really happened during a war will emerge after it is over.

Sometimes it takes years and years, and we are still learning new things about the Second World War.

But, of course, by then it was too late to make any difference to the outcome of the war, and the media caravan had moved on.

We are learning only now that the CIA helped train the Kosovo Liberation Army to murder innocent victims in order to incite a retaliation to justify the bombing campaign that was designed to have Albanians flee Kosovo, and the Serbian People would get the blame of having driven the Albanians away, thus giving the perfect excuse for American led NATO to start the unnecessary war.

Many People did not realize at the time that NATO was lying when it said it did not deliberately attack civilian targets, but you better believe that they did, because they did.

Most importantly, when are the journalists who falsely reported Kosovo’s phoney holocaust as fact going to own up to their mistakes, even if we give them the benefit of a doubt that this was an error and not deceit.

With Modern Communications Technology, such as the satellite phone; instant television links from the front to the studio and between correspondents in the field; electronic transmission of photographs; and the latest arrival at the front, along with the Internet should have provided the public with an unprecedented overview, but instead it turned out to be a disaster for professional journalism, and a diaster for the innocent People who suffered for over a decade because of their lies.

If, by some chance, the truth about Kosovo gets out, how will the American people react to the revelation that they were lied to by Clinton’s numerous media enablers?

Will they, like all decent People, chase the rubbish out of town, or will they bask in the warm security of their narcotized ignorance, indifferent to the truth and immune to any righteous indignation except when prompted by their own lying and scheming government propagandists?

This is the difference between cultural health and decadence, between a truly American political culture in the traditional sense and one that has become alienated from its roots and degenerate beyond redemption or revival.

There are People who will say that even though Hitler was not put on Trial, everyone accepts that he was Guilty, and that is because Hitler built such a huge Army, Navy, and Air Force to attack other Countries; his Illegal and Immoral Occupation of Czechoslovakia and invasion of Poland, along with many other things; whereas, the Serbs were only defending themselves from American Sponsored and Trained Aggressors.

Had Hitler been put on Trial, then Dirty and Unjust Tactics would not have been needed, as they were with Slobodan Milosevic.

The Prosecutors against Hitler could easily prove their case in at least one month, but after Five Years, the Corrupt and Bribed Kangaroo that is Euphemistically called International Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia could not prove their case against Slobodan Milosevic.

The Criminals at the NATO Victor’s Court had to murder Slobodan Milosevic and falsely say that he died of health problems, because they feared he would appeal their wrong conviction in order to embarrass these Criminals further.

America ordered their newly install Puppet Serbian Government to try find evidence of Slobodan Milosevic with regard to corruption, abuse of power, and embezzlement at America’s demand, but they could not, and so America invented the false Genocide charge.

We all know that the Evil American Empire is Guilty of all of these things on top of Pre-mediating Conspiring with the Nazi European Union and NATO Nazis to commit Physical, Economic, and Cultural Genocide on the Innocent Serbian People, along with the Genocide of Serbia’s Democracy ands Many European Union Country’s Democracy, because America placed its Puppets in the Serbian Government, and in European Union Puppet Governments.

Milosevic knew, and students of History know, that America never kept even one agreement that was made in writing with the Indians of America, and that they have not changed in the slightest since then, but they have perfected their Evil Tricks and Cunning Cover-ups and Censorships, and so Milosevic and the Serbian People were in a difficult position.

These Videos shows us the true nature of the Kangaroo Courts that are set up by England and America, and the Modern Day Nazis of Europe, and they clearly show that they are truly places of Show Trials, and they are places to further their Many Injustices, and Crimes against Humanity.

At the same time, the Illegal, Immoral, and Corrupt International Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia used the Nazis method to whitewash Anglo-American Land Theft, and Anglo-American War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

The Title of the Videos on the Internet is: SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT, and I found a five part Documentary on the internet, Unless the Authorities change the internet location or contents, in an attempt to make me look like a liar or a deviant, in order to try to discredit what I wrote.

In these Videos you will see the Fat Liar Jacques Paul Klein who is telling Fat Lies, and who was the West’s Colonial Governor of Bosnia Herzegovina, and you will notice that this Nazi cannot even keep a straight face when he is Lying in his Fat way, and this is because Jacques Paul Klein is a Fat Liar.

SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 1/5, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FusfOqCtqc ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 2/5, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB1g7Uzgw-Q ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 3/5, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmfoNuS_3og ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 4/5, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5AmumT_7Os ; SHOCKING: Slobodan Milosevic was INNOCENT Part 5/5, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHqaIDBpVZc .

It is true that it is difficult to go against the Lies of Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe, but there Populations will appreciate it, and it would be better if they Confessed to their Crimes of Injustice against the Innocent.

We need to know that Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe will go a long way to Cover Up their Evil Crimes, because they can bribe anyone to say anything they want to assist their Cover up.

Anglo-America and the Nazis of Europe have the agenda of not telling the truth on many matters, and it is no different when it comes what they say with regard to the Serbian People.

These Modern Day Nazis want to steal Serbian Land, and they will bribe anyone to say anything, because they are so close to achieving their vile scheme with their Puppets in Serbian Parliament who have accepted the Bribes, and have probably Volunteered to be Secretly Filmed in Acts Paedophilia and Bestiality to guarantee that they will Betray their Own People, just like Anglo-America and the Nazi led German Euro Zone will do.

Many Serbian People refuse to be Slandered and Demonized any longer, and it is up the American led Criminals to set the matter straight by Confessing to the Kosovo Fraud.

This is because the Serbian People minus the few Traitors and Puppets demand these things, and we will not rest until justice is done by having our good reputations restored.

The Serbian People are the most Innocent of all the Groups in the former Yugoslavia, and many Albanians know these things to be true.

The truth is not an option for any Serb who is qualified to live, because that is the one vital ingredient that I think that any Person needs in order to qualify to have the right to truly live, because otherwise they are just the living dead or zombies.

We all know that lies are barrier to reconciliation, because you cannot have reconciliation without truth, but we need to realize that reconciliation may not be what some People want, and there are at least two sides to every story, and the truth must be accepted, if there is to be peace and normality.

Along with Physical, Cultural, and Economic Genocide that the America led NATO has perpetrated, against the Innocent Serbian People, they have committed Genocide of Democracy against the Serbian People, and America has a long history of Committing Democratic Genocide against others Nations, against their People in America.

There is no compensation or justice without America ordering their Puppets to deliberately lose the next Election by not funding them and giving them good vote winning lies, because even if Monetary Compensation is difficult at these times, America can give something back to a Wronged People who are the Most Innocent of all Groups in the Former Yugoslavia.


30. January - 05. February 2012.