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Parliament begins budget rebalance session

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The Serbian Parliament on Nov. 23 began a new session at which the proposed rebalance of this year's budget, which envisages a budget deficit increase of RSD13 billion, is to be discussed.

Tadic: Richest Serbs should give part of their riches away

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Serbian President Boris Tadic on Tuesday said that he believes the richest people in Serbia should think about a way in which they would give part of their riches away to the state and citizens.

Djelic in Israel on scientific - technological cooperation

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Serbia's goal is to attract financiers of technological innovation from Israel, a country with small population, but nevertheless at the forefront of science and new technologies by world standards, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technological Development

New measures for stabilising agricultural, food markets

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic met yesterday with Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Dejan Soskic, Minister of Trade and Services Slobodan Milosavljevic and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Sasa Dragin to discuss the price hike in the

Dinkic: Larger funds for trainees in 2011

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic stated today in Nis that through the Ministry’s “First Chance” programme, over 10,000 trainees were employed this year, adding that in 2011 more funds will be secured to hire

De Marnhac’s first visit to Belgrade concluded

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The Head of Mission said that EULEX would be increasing its presence and activities in the north. He also emphasized the importance of solving recent incidents in that part of Kosovo.

Economic efficiency of health systems to be ensured

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Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic said yesterday that the most important role of all health systems is health care and the equitable distribution of mutual funds, given the great differences that exist in the system of financing among countries

Hungary important economic, political partner to Serbia

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Co-chairmen of the Serbian–Hungarian Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation Bojan Pajtic and Zolt Beceji stated today that Hungary, which is to take over the EU’s rotating presidency on 1 January 2011, will endorse Serbia’s accelerated path to the EU.

Belgrade: Belgrade and Beijing Chambers of Commerce signed agreement on cooperation

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The Belgrade and Beijing Chambers of Commerce have signed an agreement on cooperation that will contribute to promotion of the economic relations between Serbia and China, and better links between companies of the two countries.

Belgrade: Talks between government representatives and parties of Kosmet Serbs

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The president of a council for inclusive management from New York, Alex Grigoriev Roinshvili, whose NGO initiated the talks, said the talks had also touched on a method to turn Kosmet Serba into a strong political factor in the Province, in Belgrade and in the international

Brammertz commends, criticizes Serbia's cooperation with ICTY

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Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Serge Brammertz said in his report on Serbia's cooperation with the ICTY to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that Serbia is meeting the ICTY requests, but that its stated will

Serbian parliament discusses 36 bills

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The Serbian parliament began discussing on Tuesday 36 bills and other legal acts which are included in the agenda of the third sitting of the autumn session, after which it will begin a new sitting the first agenda of which is the 2010 budget revision.

MPs adopt Spatial Plan for Serbia from 2010 to 2013

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The plan proscribes clear guidelines for further development of the territory of Serbia from both the aspect of internal needs of the state and the aspect of broader European tendencies.

Serbia confirms interest in Belene nuclear plant project

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Bulgaria has offered to Serbia to participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant at Belene with one or 1.5 percent.

Fuele: EU questionnaire is huge step for Serbia-EU relations

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In an interview with the Nov. 25 edition of Ekonom:east magazine, Fuele said that the Questionnaire would resemble those given to Montenegro and Albania, except for some specificalities.EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele stated that the delivery of the EU questionnaire to

IFIMES predicts PDK victory in general elections

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With regards to LDK, IFIMES has concluded its leader Isa Mustafa has made two strategic mistakes. The first is his failure to undertake fundamental changes to the party leadership and the second, not managing to keep Ukë Rugova inside the party.

Kosovo NGO urges Krasniqi to stop campaigning

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The FOL (Speak-Up) Movement  urged acting President Jakup Krasniqi not to campaign ahead of the December 12th snap elections, as it might potentially violate the constitution.

Premier Cvetkovic receives EC questionnaire from Fuele

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European Union Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele today handed to Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic the European Commission questionnaire, which is one of the conditions for gaining the EU candidate status.


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