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Production in Zelezara Smederevo launched

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric stated  that the situation in Zelezara Smederevo ironworks has been consolidated.

D-Company wins Blic Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 award

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The best entrepreneur at the fifth Blic Entrepreneur contest received a cheque to €30,000 from Banca Intesa. The funds can be used solely for the improvement of current business operations or investment into new business projects.

Turkish Ambassador: Turkey plans significant investments in Serbia

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Turkey plans significant investments in Serbia in the upcoming period, Announced Turkish Ambassador in Belgrade Ali Riza Çolak, at the Serbian-Turkish business forum.

Ristic: EULEX is provoking Serbs

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Zubin Potok Mayor Slavisa Ristic stated on Monday that EULEX representatives are actually provoking local Serbs by insisting to take independent tours of the northern Kosovo administrative crossings.

Dacic: Problem of asylum seekers must be resolved

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Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic stated Monday following a meeting with German Federal Minister of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich that the issue of false asylum seekers will be the priority topic in bilateral relations between Serbia

Jovanovic opposes early presidential poll

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Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Cedomir Jovanovic said on Monday he was against holding an early presidential election and that the statement about it being held speaks of "an ambition to completely marginalize the campaign for the parliamentary and local elections.

Jagland with Djukic-Dejanovic on elections

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Serbian Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic underlined Monday in the talks with Council of Europe (CoE) Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland that elections in Kosovo-Metohija should be run in line with the Serbian Constitution, UN Security Council 1244, and the presence

Complete Europe - strong Hungarian interest

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Serbia being given the status of a candidate for EU membership poses a success for Hungary, mostly because of the fact Hungary has been seen as Serbia's advocate for years now, Hungarian Ambassador to Serbia Oszkar Nikowitz told the Vajdasag MA internet portal.

Bogdanovic:Pristina provoking,nothing definite yet

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Recent statements that Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) will have to use either RKS or KS license plates and Kosovo's IDs as of June 1 are only Pristina's provocation, since nothing has been specified regarding the issues yet, Serbian Minister for KiM Goran Bogdanovic has said.

Japanese technology for environment protection

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According to what was said during a meeting at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Serbia and Japan have a lot of potential for developing their economic cooperation, especially in energy, and those relations are expected to grow as Serbia moves closer to the EU.

NBS foreign exchange reserves at EUR 11.2 billion

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The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) foreign exchange reserves totalled EUR 11.2 billion late in February as against EUR 11.6 billion in January, NBS released on Monday.

Inflation scores 4.9 per cent in February

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Inter-annual inflation continued to decrease in February and dropped to 4.9 per cent, which falls within the limits of allowed deviation from the target rate for this month, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) released on Monday.

Koteks to export meat to EU

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Serbian Minister of Agriculture and Trade Dusan Petrovic opened on Sunday in Belgrade's municipality Surcin a new slaughterhouse as part of the meat processing company Koteks, which obtained a certificate for exporting to the European Union.

Confezioni Andrea builds factory in Jagodina

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On March 20, the Italian company Andrea Confezioni will start building a factory for the production of special canvas sheets for the protection of cars in Jagodina (central Serbia), which will create jobs for 520 people, city's Mayor Dragan Markovic has stated.

Serbia should continue successful reform process

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Serbian President Boris Tadic and Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland agreed in Belgrade on Monday that now that the country has won the EU candidate status, Serbia is facing a challenge embodied in the continuation of a successful reform process.

Dinar hits new historic low of 110.92 against euro

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The Serbian dinar is down by 0.2 percent on Tuesday, and now hits another historic low of 110.9192 against the euro, the National Bank of Serbia released.


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