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Charles Sheehan: EU membership greatly benefited Ireland

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Ireland has enjoyed multiple benefits from integration into the European Union, despite the current crisis, and has had a positive impact on the peacebuilding process in Northern Ireland, Irish Ambassador to Serbia Charles Sheehan said on March 7.

ECB again accepts Greek bonds as collateral

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The European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday announced that it would start accepting again as collateral bonds issued or guaranteed by the Greek state, after it was informed over the activation of a plan to guarantee Greek bonds by the EFSF.

Moldovan parliament to hold presidential election on 16 March

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The proposal came from Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu and was voted unanimously by 58 MPs of the ruling alliance and four non-affiliated MPs.

ECB keeps interest rates unchanged

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Putin to form new government

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On Thursday, Russia’s recently elected President Vladimir Putin started consultations on the formation of a new government.


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