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Djelic denies any ownership connection to the "Ekonom:east Media Group" Dinar strengthens against euro,rate at RSD 115.65 EC: New crisis management measures to avoid future bank bail-outs Romania: Gov't decides to cut expenditures on protocol events, foreign visits in public institutions FYRMacedonia: January-April external trade volume US$3,3 billion: statistics US embassy hosts first-ever anti-piracy seminar at Posidonia exhibition Turkish tourists to receive visas at ports of Rhodes, Kos Preparedness exercise on Wed. by military's rapid deployment forces Tsipras briefs G20 ambassador's on SYRIZA's platforms on economy and foreign policy Sorensen:BiH to get candidacy status early in 2014 Hungary and Ukraine at forefront of democratic decline in Central and Eastern Europe Jahjaga rules out division of Kosovo or territory swap Josipovic won't attend new Serbian president's inaugural ceremony Historical archive Sarajevo makes cooperation with historical archives from Belgrade and Ljubljana officials Toner: Srebrenica genocide cannot be denied KCUS: Three patients operated with use of modern system for neuronavigation Money, Politics, Power: Corruption Risks in Europe Bulgaria awarded 5 first-class investor certificates since January 2012 NYTimes: Greece may go completely broke as soon as July According to Turkish school aids part of Bulgaria is Turkish territory Bulgaria to issue bonds worth up to EUR 950 mln. PM Berisha receives Kosova Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Nenad Rasic PM Berisha welcomes participants in International Conference on Foreign Investments in Albania Improvement of transport infrastructure important for region’s development Increasing number of protected areas in Serbia by European standards No new requirements for Serbia's EU membership EULEX flyers inform drivers on reregistration Spokesman: Fuele to attend Nikolic's inauguration UN ahead of decision - Jeremic or Cekuolis Military healthcare pillar of Angola-Serbia ties Tadic: We are close to formation of majority FH:Positive changes, but same ranking for Serbia Vujanovic to attend Nikolic's inauguration Nielsen: I hope that was just Nikolic's gaffe Analysts: More harm than good from higher VAT Economy's competitiveness poses main problem Serbia's balance of payments increased by 46.1%

Croatia joins group of countries that support EU budget increase

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By signing a joint declaration in Brussels on Tuesday, Croatia joined 10 European Union member states that support the European Commission's proposal to considerably increase the EU budget for next year.

Bulgaria's FDI starts crawling up in Q1 2012

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According to preliminary data, the Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for January - March 2012 amounted to EUR 236.8 M (0.6% of GDP), compared to a negative FDI of EUR 42.2 M (0.1% of GDP) for January - March 2011.

Bulgaria, Gazprom power ahead with South Stream gas pipeline

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Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev and the head of Russian energy giant Gazprom Alexei Miller have concluded that the construction of the South Stream gas transit pipeline is progressing "as scheduled".

RS leaders: RS will monitor Serbia-NATO relations

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Representatives of Serb parliamentary parties in Republika Srpska (RS) reached a consensus on Tuesday that before a decision is made about Bosnia-Herzegovina's (BiH) joining NATO it is necessary to conduct a referendum in RS, and that Serbia's attitude towards the Alliance should

Inzko: BiH improves despite difficulties

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 International community's High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Valentin Inzko has told the UN Security Council the situation in BiH has improved since the start of the year, stressing that it is the result of a positive atmosphere in the region.

Prosecutor: Mladic was involved in all crimes

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The trial of Ratko Mladic before the International Crimainal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague commenced Wednesday with an opening statement by the prosecutor, who announced he would prove that Mladic had his fingers in all the crimes the Serb forces had

Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce president on political developments

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The president of the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce Yiannos Grammatidis said that "at the difficult time, the defence of party interests prevailed over the national interest and the future of Greece."

Greece to repay in full a 435-mln-euro bond issue

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Greece will repay in full a 435-million-euro bond under foreign law which was not included in a PSI program, maturing today, government sources said on Tuesday.

President Papoulias briefed political party leaders on the situation faced by banks

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President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias was very alarmed when he briefed the political party leaders on Monday evening on the situation the banking institutions are in, according to the meeting’s minutes posted on the Greek presidency website on Tuesday.

Mladic's request refused,trial starts on Wednesday

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President of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Theodor Meron refused the request submitted by Ratko Mladic aksing that presiding judge Alfonso Ori should be exempt and that the beginning of the trial which has been scheduled for Wednesday should

Gruevski-Jiabao talks focus on three economic projects

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski held a working meeting on Tuesday in Beijing with his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao - the second one in two weeks' time.

Emg.rs in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Business Forum 2012 officially begun

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Poll: Over half of Macedonia's citizens do not feel safe (COR)

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About 53 percent of the citizens of Macedonia do not feel safe, according to a poll the daily 'Dnevnik' is going to publish on Wednesday.

Solid evidence over suspects' involvement in Smiljkovci murders: public prosecutor

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State Public Prosecutor Ljupco Svrgovski said Tuesday the his office possessed solid evidence pointing to the fact that those arrested in operation "Monster" are the real perpetrators and helpers of the multiple murder near Smiljkovci.

Milanovic and Jansa describe Croatian-Slovenian relations as good

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Relations between Slovenia and Croatia are good and they have not been compromised even by the recently reopened issue of Ljubljanska Banka - nothing will change in that respect because both governments honour the obligations taken over by their predecessors, the Prime Ministers

Greece: Failure to agree leads to new polls on June 17

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Greece is heading for new elections, most probably on June 17, after party leaders failed on Tuesday to agree on the formation of a government despite efforts by President Karolos Papoulias to broker a last-ditch deal.

ICTY: Brijuni transcripts proof of Serbs' exodus

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The Hague prosecutors pointed out before the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on Monday that the transcripts from the meeting of Croatian senior military and political officials on the Brijuni island in Croatia ahead of

NATO Sec-Gen: No change in Alliance position over FYROM

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Rasmussen said the Alliance's position was still based on the decision taken at the Bucharest summit in 2008, which called for the start of accession negotiations after Greece and FYROM had agreed to a mutually acceptable solution to the name dispute.

Greece: New proposal leads to further party talks on Tuesday

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Greece’s last-ditch efforts to create a government following the fragmented result of the May 6 elections is due to continue on Tuesday after President Karolos Papoulias proposed on Monday that parties discuss the possibility of supporting an administration of “personalities,”

Greece: Apartment prices down 9.3 pct in Q1

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Apartment prices fell by an average 9.3 pct in the first quarter of 2012, compared with the same period last year, the Bank of Greece said on Thursday. The central bank, in a report, said that according to revised data, the average annual rate of change was -5.3 pct in 2011

Roughly one third of Greeks over-qualified for their jobs, figures show

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Roughly a third, or 33-35 percent, of Greece's workforce is currently employed in positions that require fewer formal qualifications than those they have and this trend is increasing during the years of economic crisis, according to experts from the European Centre for Development

Greece: Council of State approves presidential decree protecting island wetlands

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The Council of State on Thursday approved a draft presidential decree that will enhance the protection of small island and coastal wetlands, approving a list of 369 such wetlands that qualify for protection.

Black market labor up in Romania, 2.3 mln people working without labor contract

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There are more than 2.3 million people working unofficially for cash in hand, or working ‘black’ in Romania, up around 900,000 compared to 2008, representing more than a third of working people in Romania, according to the country’s Fiscal Council.

Romania: 188 TV channels, 142 radio stations to run local election campaign

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The National Audio-visual Council (CNA) announced on Thursday that 188 television channels and 142 radio stations would be running the local election campaign.

STEAG to invest 200 million euros in Monsson Group's Crucea Nord wind farm project

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Monsson Group has sold its 108 MW Crucea Nord wind farm project in Constanta County, to Germany's electricity producer STEAG GmbH.

Conference on process of planning and decision-making in modern military operations

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 Improving methods in the Macedonian Army (ARM) and the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on strategic and operational decision-making is of major significance in further developing defense capabilities and increasing combat readiness, Defense Minister Fatmir Besimi said in his

Macedonian Government issues EUR 10 million emission of denationalization bonds

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 The Government issued Monday the 11. emission of denationalization bonds worth EUR 10 million, encompassing all denationalization decisions that went into effect from 1 January 2011 up to 31 January 2012, the Finance Ministry said in a press release.

EU: Protests in Macedonia should stop, authorities to be left alone to do their job

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Peter Stano - spokesperson of the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Fule - appealed protests in Macedonia to stop and Macedonian authorities to be enabled to solve the case involving the murder of five men in April, MIA's correspondent

PM Gruevski: Chinese companies to enter European markets via Macedonia

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Macedonia is a small European economy, but one that is emerging and implementing swift reforms, along with significant enhancement of international trade and financial integration, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at a business forum in Beijing, presenting Macedonia's economic


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04. June - 10. June 2012.

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    4. Jun - 8. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

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