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British foreign secretary William Hague to visit Belgrade today 110 new jobs in Vlasotince as result of investment incentives Blackberry given 60-day reprieve in security standoff with India Anti-fraud commissioner tackles China on cigarette smuggling U.S. Central Bank Chief says fed could act to shore up economy Russia: Putin denies rumors about running Russia Eurozone economic confidence climbs again Greek police seize 120kg of heroin Romania reports first West Nile virus cases Fuel, diesel prices drop in FYROM Scientists find new superbug spreading from India Eurobarometer: For 60% of Macedonians EU membership is a good thing, for 73% is beneficial Greece:Premier's legal advisor resigned OTE to delist from NYSE Fear of anthrax cow disease spreading from Bosnia to Croatia Perth flu’ warning in Bulgaria Abu Dhabi and Sofia discuss construction of Formula 1 circuit in Bulgaria FinMin: Bulgaria is only country with positive outlook of sovereign credit rating in Europe, Central Asia Greece-Albania: Bus attacked with molotov cocktail bomb Antonov concern to merge with Russian aircraft builders in two months Chinese delegation visits Albania Serbia to open mission at NATO headquarters in September In Turkey, additional measures are taken to enhance the security of pipelines Memorial plaque to Serb victims in recent wars unveiled ICRC unsatisfied with number of solved missing persons cases Gender Equality Council, UNIFEM to sign cooperation agreement Cvetkovic, Djelic, Dinkic to meet with US Congress delegation Ljajic to attend event to mark Djordjevic family moving in to new house Ministry of Culture, European Danube Academy sign cooperation agreement Pretoria South Africa continues its support for Serbia U.S. Ambassadors to NATO, EU visit Belgrade Germany upbeat on Serbia's readiness to talk with EU EU Official: Belgrade for harmonization of views on Kosovo

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"The independence of Kosovo will happen in the next few days, regardless if Tadic or Nikolic wins"

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The decision on proclaiming independence will be conducted in full cooperation with Washington and Brussels, which will make a decision to recognize Kosovo's independence simultaneously,

Boris Tadic: "Serbia will never give up Kosovo, but we will defend its reasons without wars",

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Criticised in his homeland for his "soft positions" regarding the Kosovo issue,Tadic seized today's opportunity to play in turn a patriotic tune.

Autoremont on stock exchange market as of February 4

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The major owner of Autoremont is Belgrade based Verano motors which holds 92 percent of shares.

JRB profit amounts to 600,000 euro

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JRB transported 150,000 tons of goods more than in 2006- JRB’s total revenue was around 15 million euro.

Finance Minister against concessions to new banks

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The Greenfield concession to the Bank of Moscow or any other bank might make other banks unattractive; they would be doomed to failure

Government of Vojvodina to help establish Serbian Bank in Croatia

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The AP  Vojvodina is going to help the project of transformation of savings and loan cooperative into a Serbian business bank by ensuring EUR 45,000 for the purchase of the banking software.

Vuk Hamovic:EPS keeping monopoly for political reasons

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Energy company ‘EFT’ made in last year a record high profit of 800 million Euros that company’s president Vuk Hamovic told Beta news agency.

BMW showrooms to be opened in Belgrade and Novi Sad

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Company "Delta Motors" sold 586 BMW and "mini" automobiles in Serbia last year and realized the largest growth of sales in the regions of central and east Europe, Africa and the Caribbean

Serbia is building enormous mall on the border

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Merger between members of the NLB Group in Kosovo

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The polls predict electoral thriller

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The runoff result shall depend on the electors exclusively and their capability to deal with the confusing messages being sent to them by politicians

DSS & NS Leaderships: “Let the people decide themselves”

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According to Kostunica’s words such stance is based on the belief that Kosovo has to remain the number one topic in Serbia.

Kosovo's constitution on agenda

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The Kosovo government has begun a public discussion on the province's constitution.

Industrial production in December 2007 goes up 14.1% against 2006 average

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The Serbian Statistics Office stated today that industrial production in Serbia in December 2007 went down by 0.2% compared to December 2006, whereas it increased by 14.1% against the 2006 average.

Commission accuses Danube Foods of abuse

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The Competition Commission officials say Danube Foods has abused its dominant position when buying milk from producers.

Tender for WiMax licences ahead

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Serbian Telecommunications Ministry announced that it would soon publish a tender for the use of WiMax technology.


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