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Boris Tadic: "Serbia will never give up Kosovo, but we will defend its reasons without wars",

31. January 2008. | 18:32 18:49

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City: Cernica

Criticised in his homeland for his "soft positions" regarding the Kosovo issue,Tadic seized today's opportunity to play in turn a patriotic tune.

  "Serbia will never give up Kosovo", but we will defend its reasons without wars, Serbian President Boris Tadic said today during a visit in the independence-seeking province with Albanian majority, three days before the run-off which will see him compete with ultra-nationalist candidate Tomislav Nikolic.

Criticised in his homeland for his "soft positions" regarding the Kosovo issue,Tadic seized today's opportunity to play in turn a patriotic tune.

Meeting several dozens of young people in Cernica, the smallest of the remaining Serb enclaves of Kosovo, he pledged "to do everything possible" - if re-elected president - to help "Serbs and Serbia continue existing" in the province.

"I will never accept independence for Kosovo," he said, yet confirming he does not want "to push our country into war". "I will seek a peaceful solution through negotiations," he underlined.

As regards to the announced EU mission in the province - harshly criticised by Nikolic, but also by Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica - Tadic cut short: "Anyone who wants to contribute to security, can do it, but only passing through the Security Council.

" That is the meeting where Russia is ready to guarantee to Belgrade the veto to any attempt of recognising the independence of Pristina.


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Topics: Kosovo status, presidential elections, Serbia

Location: Serbia, Cernica

People: Boris Tadić, Tomislav Nikolić

Issuer: Serbian President

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