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Jeremic: Bosnia, Kosovo key problems in Balkans

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Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said on Feb. 25 that the membership of all Western Balkan countries was key for EU stability, adding that disagreement over the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the status of Kosovo were the two main problems in the region.

EU Ministers extend Feith's mandate in Kosmet

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The EU Council of Ministers in Brussels on Feb. 25 extended until Aug. 31 the mandate of EU Special Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith, who is also the head of the International Civil Office in Pristina.

Mr. de Kermabon to visit Belgrade 2-3 March

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The Kosovo authorities have been informed about this visit, which has as one of its main objectives to restore the proper functioning of the North Mitrovica District Court.

Government adopts several bills

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The government members discussed the consequences of floods in several municipalities of Serbia and agreed to carry out all necessary procedures as soon as possible, so that the government could pass a decision on providing financial and all other assistance to the affected population.

Kosovo promotes investments of Bavarian companies

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Over 100 representatives of Bavarian companies have attended today in Munich a conference about economic cooperation and investments in Kosovo.

Serbia rejects Feith’s document

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State Secretary for Kosovo-Metohija Oliver Ivanovic said that the Serbian government and the Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija have rejected the document prepared by EU special representative in Kosovo-Metohija Peter Feith "Strategy for the North of Kosovo" and do not consider

Milivoje Mihajlovic: "The top priority is to prevent conflict from taking place again"

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Director of the Serbian government’s Office of Media Relations Milivoje Mihajlovic said today that the Serbian government has a pragmatic approach to the issue of Kosovo-Metohija and it has moved the issue to the domain of international law.

“Accreditation – the road to successful consumer“

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Assistant Minister of the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Regional Development Jelena Popovic said today that harmonising products with EU quality standards leads to consumer safety and provides greater competitiveness for the Serbian economy.

Dacic to open seminar on human resource management

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The seminar, organised with the OSCE, will mark the beginning of a project “Evaluating Human Resource Management at the Ministry of the Interior”, financed by Norway.

Ministry of Culture to hold press conference

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At the conference, Minister of Culture Nebojsa Bradic and his Slovak counterpart Marek Madaric will sign a programme of cooperation between the two ministries for the period 2010–2013.

Press conference on two twinning projects

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The conference will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic, Head of the European Commission Delegation Vincent Degert and the German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Mass.

Dacic to meet with ANEM representatives

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The topic of the meeting will be the current situation in the field of broadcasting and the problems which ANEM members are facing.

Yudhoyono: Indonesia will not recognize the "independent Kosovo"

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President if Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has stated that for Indonesia the respect to the international law is a foundation of their foreign policy, so he repeated that his country will not recognize the illegitimate independence of Kosmet.

The official middle exchange rate equals RSD 99.52 per Euro

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The National Bank of Serbia sold EUR 25 million yesterday in order to ease excessive daily volatility of the exchange rate and ensure smooth operation of the foreign exchange market.

Serbia, India have to promote cooperation

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Indian Ambassador to Serbia Nengcha Lhouvum Mukhopadhyaya stated late on Wednesday that Serbia and India have traditionally good relations, but that there is a lot more to be done to further promote the cooperation between the two countries.

Serbian - Egyptian economic cooperation needs improvement

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During a Wednesday discussion with the Egyptian delegation of big industrialists headed by Minister of Trade and Industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid, Serbian President Boris Tadic invited the representatives of Egyptian industry to take part in the economic flows of Serbia.

WTO Executive Director expects bigger profits from tourism in Serbia, World

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This year the transactions in world tourism market are expected to rise by three to four percent, Executive Director of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) Zoltan Somogyi said at the 32nd International Tourism Fair in Belgrade on Wednesday.

Giffoni: EU does not back strategy for Northern Kosovo

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Italian Ambassador to Pristina and EU envoy for northern Kosovo, Michael Giffoni, has reiterated that the strategy the interim Kosovo government and the International Civilian Office (ICO) have drafted for the northern part of the province is not a document of Brussels and that,

Coordinator for "Northern Kosovo strategy" appointed

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Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci appointed Wednesday Ilber Hisa coordinator for implementation of northern Kosovo strategy, Kosovo government said in a release.

Vip generates EUR 143.3m loss

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In 2009, Vip generated EUR 143.3m business loss in Serbia, increasing it 64 percent compared to 2008.

Tanjug and Faculty of Philosophy in Nis to cooperate

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Serbian national news agency Tanjug and the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday, according to which Tanjug took on the obligation to engage around 30 journalism students from cities of southeastern Serbia.

A Step Closer to European Integration

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“Serbia has about 850 million at their disposal from the EU pre-accession funds (IPA) and projects have already been prepared”, said Adriano Martins, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia at the conference A Step Closer to European Integration,

Belgrade allows Kosovo to be represented as UNMIK-Kosovo

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Epoka e Re reports that Serbia is not against Kosovo’s participation in regional initiatives, as long as Kosovo takes part in a format which is in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1244, whereby Kosovo is represented as UNMIK-Kosovo.

SEEMO / IPI: Koha Ditore journalist allegedly threatened over critical reporting

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The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) strongly condemns threats against Vehbi Kajtazi, a journalist for the daily newspaper Koha Ditore, in Pristina, by a former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) - Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves, or UCK.

Fire at the Lye Treating Unit in Pančevo Refinery

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The fire was operationally extinguished. There was not any damage inflicted to the environment, and the unit is in operation according to the plan.


22. February - 28. February 2010.