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Organ transplantation performed in “Mother Teresa” hospital

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A number of other facilities in Albania were used for the same purpose, namely, a hospital in the army barracks in Bajram Curri, a health-care center in the Coca-Cola factory in Tirana, a neuropsychiatric hospital in a prison in the place of Burrel, and a private house adapted

Taci will publish list of Albanians who helped Marty

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Former Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci announced he will soon publish the names of Albanians who helped Council of Europe (CoE) rapporteur Dick Marty to prepare the report accusing him of human organ trafficking.

DW: Even the dead voted in recent Kosovo elections

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More and more details regarding voter intimidation, vote buying and attacks on the members of election commission are being discovered in Kosovo, the German radio Deutsche Welle released

Vatican consistent in non-recognizing Kosovo

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Vatican ambassador in Belgrade, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Orlando Antonini, said that relations between the Holy See and Serbia are excellent and that this is mainly due to the fact that the Holy See, like many other factors in the international community, has not recognized

EULEX halts investigation into Gorazdevac children murder

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EULEX police halted an investigation into the terrorist attack that took place in Gorazdevac near Pec in Kosovo-Metohija over seven years ago, in which two Serbian children were killed and four other young people seriously injured, Tanjug learned Saturday from Bogdan Bukumiric,

Serbia's cooperation with IMF, WB successful

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Serbia's cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) has been very successful this year, Serbian Representative with the World Bank in Washington Biljana Chroneos-Krasavac told Tanjug on Friday.


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